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Joey Torres achieves easy victory in latest event on Lone Star Billiards Tour

Torres and Nakahara
Courtesy of Lone Star Billiards Tour

In what would become his second consecutive victory in the amateur division on the Lone Star Billiards Tour, Joey Torres breezed through the competition to finish out a 7-5 triumph over tour newcomer Masahiro “Hiro” Nakahara in the final.

Torres's achievement came over a field of 47 participants who attended the event sponsored by Bogies Billiards.

Press Release, May 23 - Kim White-Newsome, Lone Star Billiards Tour

Torres, Take Two!

Once again, junior player Joey Torres wowed the crowds as he breezed to his second, consecutive victory in the amateur division of this past weekend’s Lone Star Billiards tour event. Torres topped a field of 47 including tour newcomer Masahiro “Hiro” Nakahara in the final, 7-5. On his way to victory, Torres annihilated Jack Cavalier, 7-0, Bill Fain, 7-1, and Sonny Bosshamer, 7-1, before meeting Hiro for the hot seat. Nakahara took down Chuck Adams, 7-5, Scott Mackenzie, 7-2, and tour veteran Erik Renteria, 7-4, for a shot at winning his first Lone Star tour title. Action on the one loss side saw Brian Rosenbaum eliminate Kenny Lucio, and it was Kevin Nguyen over Scott Mackenzie, by the same score, 5-2. Austin player Cielo Velasquez who took an early hit from Bosshamer, was ousted by Jonathan Poon who secured 6 consecutive wins after suffering a second round loss to Rich Rodriguez. Bosshamer went on to beat Nguyen, 5-2, while Poon fell to Renteria, 5-4. Hot seat action saw a composed Torres pull ahead of Nakahara for a 7-5 win, while Renteria stream rolled Bosshamer, 5-1. Nakahara pushed through Renteria, 5-3, to meet up, once again, with Torres. These two young guns displayed incredible calm and focus, but Hiro couldn’t make it happen. Torres overcame Hiro in the final set, 7-5.

The open division boiled down to Chase Rudder and Rafael Martinez, locking horns for the cat bird’s seat. Rudder’s victims included Curt Bovenzi, 9-3, Rich Rodriguez, 9-4, and Hiro Nakahara, 9-5. Martinez showed no mercy as he dealt blows to Rich Droste, 9-4, Sonny Bosshamer, 9-3, and Cielo Velasquez, 9-4. On the one loss side, Joey Torres overcame Mike Evans, 7-2, while Kevin Nguyen slipped by Bovenzi, 7-6. Nakahara bested Nguyen, 7-2, and Velasquez eliminated Torres, 7-6. Nakahara forged on, slipping by Velasquez, 7-6, while Rudder captured the hot seat over Martinez, 9-6. Martinez made quick work of Nakahara, 7-2, but fell to Rudder in the final.

Many thanks to our sponsors Poison by Predator cues,, Delta-13 Rack,, Ozone Billiards,,, APA of North Harris County, and Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar for hosting another successful Lone Star Event. The tour would also like to thank all of the Lone Star Tour fans at home who tuned in to watch the live action on Ustream! For tour and event information, please visit

Payouts for the event:

Amateur Payouts

1st Joey Torres $500/$400
2nd Masahiro Nakahara $300/$280
3rd Erik Renteria $225/$145
4th Sonny Bosshamer $155/$60
5th-6th Kevin Nguyen, Jonathan Poon $75 ea.
7th-8th Brian Rosenbaum, Cielo Velasquez $55 ea.
9th-12th Kenny Lucio, Scott Mackenzie, Chuck Adams, Bill Fain $25 ea.

Open Payouts

1st Chase Rudder $420/$350
2nd Rafael Martinez $295/$275
3rd Masahiro Nakahara $140/$120
4th Cielo Velasquez $95
5th-6th Joey Torres, Kevin Nguyen $65 ea.
7th-8th Mike Evans, Curt Bovenzi $35 ea.

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