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Joey Chestnut eats 182 chicken wings leading up to National Chicken Wing Day

July 29 is National Chicken Wing Day and you can celebrate at Hooters
July 29 is National Chicken Wing Day and you can celebrate at Hooters
Photo Courtesy of TMZ

Competitive eating professional, Joey Chestnut consumed a record 182 chicken wings in 10 minutes to once again earn the title of Hooters World Wing Eating Champion. His is now the the three-time champion.

While Joey was setting the record, the rest of Americas has been waiting for National Chicken Wing Day on July 29.

To celebrate, Hooters is offering an all-you-can-eat deal this coming Tuesday to see if America can polish off two million wings on a single day. Last year the country ate 1.5 million Hooters wings, and in 2014, we are going for more.

Chestnut is one of the best known competitive eaters and he once again proved he can power-consume more than just hot dogs.

He once again claimed title to the 10-minute, all-you-can-eat contest of Hooters world famous chicken wings.

The chicken wing eating event, sanctioned by Major League Eating, was part of daylong celebration of Hooters wings.

After the eating contest, 100 beautiful Hooters Girls from around the world competed in the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant for the opportunity to become Miss Hooters International 2014.

A $30,000 cash prize was awarded as well as other perks.

Also back this year is the Miss Hooters Social concept as explained by Hooters:

For the second year, Hooters has incorporated a “Miss Hooters Social” contest into the pageant, a digital race to see which contestant can generate the most social media activity leading up to the pageant. Votes can be cast via Facebook, Twitter or the new Hooters HootClub mobile app. HootClub, now available at Hooters locations nationwide, is the foundation for Hooters new loyalty program that enables the restaurant to offer customized discounts, rewards and promotions. Fans who use HootClub to vote can cast one additional vote per day through July 21. Miss Hooters Social will be announced during the pageant on July 23 and will receive $2,000 as well as a spot to compete with the top 10 Hooters Girl finalists.

“The Hooters World Wing Eating Championship is the ideal prelude to National Chicken Wing Day, where we’re inviting every American to suit up and get stuck into as many wings as they can take down in one sitting for only $12.99,” said Andrew Pudduck, vice president of marketing, Hooters of America.

To see more about Hooters World Wing Eating Championship and National Chicken Wing Day, visit

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A lot of small businesses and restaurants sell chicken wings, but the chicken win industry is big business.

I'm getting ready to eat some Hooters wings this week, how about you?

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