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Joel Osteen’s church only offers $25K to solve theft? $600,000 still missing

Joel Osteen’s Church, Lakewood Church is offering up a reward for folks to help solve the mystery of the $600,000 theft from the church two week ago. The shock of the church being ripped off for over a half million dollars has some people really surprised that the church hasn't recovered any of the funds. According to CBS News, the Crime Stoppers issued a statement on Friday offering up a reward for more details.

Joel Osteen
Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images

As most people know, Joel Osteen collects a big donation from the followers every week. Just in Houston, the church collects $600,000 a weekend which figures out to be over 32 million dollars a year. This staggering figure has people questioning who knew about the large sum of money and how could this wad of cash, checks and credit be unaccounted for so easily.

The disappointment of offering up a small sum makes the crime almost unworthy of reporting. The idea that the reward is so small and comes so late only reflects on how this case doesn't have a high priority in Houston. It is impossible to imagine that the money just casually walked out of the church location unseen. And if it did, then some serious questions should be asked by the people who attend. Including why aren't there cameras in the church offices if 50,000 people attend the venue every week for service?

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