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Joel Osteen’s church faces Facebook scam? Fake accounts ask for cash

Remember the revelation last week that had the fans shocked about Joel Osteen’s church making 32 million a year from donations? After reporting the details exclusively here first, the news spread like wildfire across the hills and valleys. The con artists, rip-offs and criminals in America heard the call. Now Lakewood church is facing a bigger issue and it could cripple their donations in a heartbeat. According to The Christian Post on Tuesday, the church is still looking for the $600,000 stolen from the church earlier in the month and offered up a reward, but nobody has offered clues on the return.

Now that people know that the church makes about $600,000 a weekend or 32 million a year in donations, there are a few folks who want a piece of that pie. Even a sliver would be a substantial amount. That’s why fake Facebook accounts are popping up faster than daisies on a warm spring day. Now accounts with Joel Osteen’s likeness or accounts pretending to represent the Lakewood Church in Houston are found on Facebook. Fake Joel Osteen Facebook accounts are asking for money are being reported too.

Who is the real Joel Osteen Facebook account? Don’t donate until you are positive.

The Joel Osteen ministries are very aware of the situation and are telling people not to donate to the fake people, but to report the situation. Addressing the issue with the potential givers on Facebook the ministries offer a concerned response.

“Thank you for informing us about the fraudulent account,” writes the Joel Osteen Ministry staff on the official Facebook page. “Also, please email the link of that user's Facebook account, and any communication that you have received from them to Customer Service.”

Joel Osteen Ministries and the Lakewood Church needs to step up before the rumors of the Facebook scam get out of control. Addressing the issue by announcing this potential fraud in media will make it stop.

What makes us so sure? What is brought out of the darkness can only find light and nobody is going to be standing with their hands out asking fraudulently for cash if people know the truth and let the scam artists know they are onto them. And, the Lakewood Church has suffered enough loss for one month. Don’t you agree?

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