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Joel Osteen on Millennials: 'A moral decline taking place in our nation'

Joel Osteen discusses Millennials and their non-religious outlooks.
Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images

Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church interviewed with FOX News Thursday to give his perspective on Millennials and what they must face in today's world. He blamed distraction as a key element in why the current young generation is less religious. After reviewing a State of the Bible survey from the American Bible Society, he noticed a significant decline in faith.

Christian Post reports April 11 that Osteen was "disappointed" in the Millennials (ages 18-29) survey that was conducted by the Barna Group. The pastor noted that "there are more influences today, distractions, and it's a different day than we grew up in." He concluded that it symbolized "a lot pulling people away, and it does give us a challenge to see what we can do better."

Skepticism in the bible plays a large role in why the Millennials are pulling away from religion, Joel Osteen said. He did say that despite polls like this one, his church continues to see "a lot of young people that do love God." The pastor said that Millennials need to see more people actually living their faith.

"Young people can see through phoniness, they are more skeptical," Osteen said. "I think when they see true people of faith, and not just myself – there are plenty of them out there - it's not just about rules and religion, and joining my denomination, but it's about loving God and doing good for others."

OC Register wrote April 11 that one young woman is still undecided on which church she wants to attend. A lot of today's young adults are more thorough in their research on what to believe when it comes to God. As the young woman said to the news source in watching Joel Osteen, she watches him every Sunday and hasn't found which church she wants to belong to. For now, Osteen is her church.

A lot would say Joel Osteen is right on in his analysis of the Millennials. Do you agree?

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