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Joel Osteen: Lakewood Church robbery and parishioner information stolen

Joel Osteen not only is the pastor of the mega-church in Houston known as Lakewood Church but is also considered a celebrity of sorts. He is young, vivacious and very popular all parishioners no matter what their ages are. The congregation is the second largest in the United States and has just become victim of a robbery.

Church brings in close to $32 million a year in donations!
Home and Living Examiner / Beverly Mucha

The Lakewood Church suffered approximately a $600,000 loss during the robbery according to the Newsmax on March 18. The theft consisted of cash as well as personal checks and credit card information. The exact amount of the robbery has not yet been verified.

Joel Osteen is smart, a wonderful speaker and explains the stories of the Bible so everyone can understand in a relaxed and easy manner with a personality persona that is refreshing and knowledgeable.

The funds that were stolen from Lakewood Church are insured, so in time they will be refunded after the insurance company finishes their claim investigation. The contributions and electronic data breach was limited to those made on March 8 and March 9.

Joel wants all his parishioners to be aware of the theft and that they may also be in danger of identity theft. Those who gave donations using personal checks and credit cards are urged to monitor their accounts for fraudulent charges and report them immediately. He is hoping that no one will suffer a financial ruin due to the ones who committed the robbery but wants everyone to try and be one step ahead of the culprits before they try any other antics with the personal information they obtained during the Lakewood Church theft.

Now the whole world is wondering what happened to the stolen $600,000 but that isn’t the biggest issue. The biggest buzz is that Lakewood Church draws approximately $32 million in donation during the course of a year. With roughly 50,000 parishioners their weekly donation is estimated at $12 per person.

What Lakewood Church has that many other houses of worship don’t have is celebrity backing. This drastically raises the weekly or yearly totals which are used for the buildings expenses to keep it running and to cover any repairs that are needed as well as the charitable organizations and individuals they help during the course of the year. What is amazing is Joel Osteen doesn't’t receive a weekly paycheck from the donations that are provided to the church from the parishioners.

Church members who are worried about their donations are asked to call Lakewood's customer service line at: 713- 491-1506.

It is a sad day when robbers attach places of worship!

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