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Joel Osteen gets his own SiriusXM channel: Good word via radio to cost followers

Joel Osteen nets his own SirusXM radio show, he will bring the good word via a satellite!
Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images

Joel Osteen nets his own SirusXM channel, the satellite radio company announced today. They have big plans for Osteen including call-in shows, which will surly thrill his church followers. For those of his followers who aren't already setup with SirusXM, this will entail buying a special satellite radio and paying a monthly fee to SirusXM to tune in on Osteen and company!

According to MSN Entertainment on June 2, Osteen preaches to 40,000 people each week from his Lakewood Megachurch located in Houston. His fans or followers can look forward to talking to him personally on the phone during his radio show.

He won't be the only one taking calls, he will have some help from his wife, who is also a Lakewood pastor, Victoria Osteen. SirusXM plans to air Osteen's sermon from Yankee Stadium this coming Saturday, but as far as a date for when his own radio show debuts, that hasn't been released as of yet.

Besides having Osteen and his wife on the show live, the channel plans to rebroadcast some of the pastor's sermons. SirusXM has some 25.8 million subscribers worldwide, but putting Osteen on air will most likely bring in quite a few more.

According to Market Watch today, Osteen is the pasture of America's largest Christen congregation, Lakewood Church. He said: Victoria and I are excited about this new venture with SirusXM." He continued with:

"We are humbled and appreciative to bring our message to the millions of SiriusXM listeners every day – and equally excited to get to know them personally through our call-in radio programs. We truly cannot wait to get started!"

Osteen's followers are going to have to pay for a subscription to the SirusXM radio to hear his show. In recent months the satellite radio has been running free airtime to promote their service. You need a special satellite radio to pickup the shows and music that SirusXM radio offers.

Osteen now joins Howard Stern and Glenn Beck, two controversial men who have their own shows on SirusXM. Beck's channel, The Blaze, is also going strong on satellite radio.

Stern, Beck and Osteen have three totally different types of personalities with agendas very different from one another. This just demonstrates the diversity of shows that SirusXM offers their subscribers.

This satellite radio company is very smart to sign up all three men who have followers in the millions when it comes to airtime on TV. Folks that are diehard Stern and Beck fans had no choice but to purchase a satellite radio contract if they wanted to hear their idols on radio.

Now Osteen's followers will have to do the same thing. This is one way to get subscribers for sure, just signup a charismatic personality who has a mega following. "If you build it they will come," the saying goes, and it sounds just like what SirusXM is doing, building an on-air pulpit for Osteen to preach from!

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