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Joel Osteen: $600,000 stolen from Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church

Joel Osteen and members of Lakewood Church in Houston must be reeling after $600,000 was stolen in donations from their church last weekend.

FOX News reported March 11 that the Megachurch theft was not discovered until Monday morning at around 8:30 a.m. by a church employee. An off-duty sheriff's officer did notice forced entry into the building. It is believed that the $600,000 theft took place between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

Money stolen was from donations made to Lakewood Church on March 8 and March 9. The report stated that all of the funds included cash, checks, and credit cards.

The church that has televised sermons around the world from Joel Osteen has asked those who donated money to be watchful of their accounts for any "suspicious" activity.

Lakewood Church's funds are "fully insured," according to the church's statement. They are working with their insurance company to get funds restored.

This instance has nothing to do with a data breach, according to the church. The $600,000 megachurch theft was strictly from donations.

Over 40,000 people attend services at Lakewood Church where Joel Osteen gives sermons. $600,000 is a lot of money for someone to steel in such a short period of time. It sounds like someone had to know exactly where to look and how to break into the safe. Not a good thing to do in the house of the Lord!

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