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Joe Pepitone: How to be a jock and still be cool



  • Brian Chidester 5 years ago

    I had no idea where this was going. But a brilliant way to surmise the eventual collapse of sports into machismo and violence. Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?

  • Chris 5 years ago

    There was nothing like pro football of the late sixties/early seventies. NFL Films had a lot to do with the feel of that era. Players were more committed to a team and there wasn't this chest-pounding arrogance of today's athletes. I'm pretty sure it was Vince Lombardi who told his players, "When you score a touchdown, act like you've been there before." Classic.

  • Jim Cherry, Classic Autos Examiner 5 years ago

    Nice article. Seems like our culture has undergone a general coarsening and this is a part of that. Devo seems more and more to be proven right with their theory of "devolution."

  • David Rothblatt 5 years ago

    I had very long hair when I was a kid and everyone used to call me Pepitone...

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