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Joe Namath says he 'can't blame' parents hesitant to see kids play football

Joe Namath attends the Sports Illustrated MVP Night With Lynn Swann And Jaguar At The Diageo Liquid Cellar on January 30, 2014 in New York City.
Photo by Michael N. Todaro

New York Jets legend Joe Namath made headlines over the weekend when he told CBS that he had sought some treatment for head injuries he sustained as a professional football player. In addition to the revelation, Namath also said that when it comes to parents being hesitant to allow their children to play football, he says he "can't blame them."

"If it was my boy or my daughter, I wouldn't like to see them run into people," Namath said on the red carpet of the 3rd Annual NFL Honors in New York on Saturday.

In the CBS report, airing today, Namath told the network that he had improved thanks to the treatment he underwent after seeing "some things on [his] brain." The former quarterback, now 70, received multiple concussions and four knee surgeries during his time in the NFL.

On Saturday, however, Namath downplayed the report by saying that his injuries were "nothing" compared to the head injuries other players have sustained.

"I am so sound. I pray -- I hope to God that people that weren't dealt a full deck from the get go feel better getting healthy," he told the Associated Press to follow-up his comments in the CBS report.

Namath also noted that though Americans do love football for the contact sport it is, he feels the NFL is doing "everything they can" to make the game safer.

"The good news about it today, the last few years is we're teaching better techniques," Namath added. "We are making the game safer for everyone who wants to play."

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