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Joe Namath’s Super Bowl fur coat gets a Twitter account? NFL star has PETA upset

Joe Namath walked out on the MetLife field on Sunday for the coin toss and the world could have felt the hackles on the back of PETA’s neck stand straight up. The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals always speaks out against any type of fur coat worn by a famous star and especially if it is worn on TV. However, Joe Namath is just being himself and has walked on NFL fields over the years with his fur, without too much hoopla. According to NPR on Monday, the fur coat might have more clout than the football player on social media as it has its own Twitter account.

While Joe’s coat was one of the most tweeted topics before, during and after Super Bowl Sunday, it seemed to have only upset PETA further. It seems that the NFL legend wasn’t swayed by those folks who dislike furs and the chatter on the entire incident didn’t portray the image they wanted to share.

Actually, the idea behind a moment in pop culture getting a Twitter account has become a bit stale. It started out funny, blossomed into something quite hilarious, but has ended up being nothing more than a moment in time. Like Pharrell’s hat, once the moment is over, it’s really over. Perhaps Namath’s coat could be the final time we see this old joke turn into a social media moment. Bet next year the Super Bowl fans will be asking why it was funny in the first place.

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