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Joe Namath rocks fur coat at Super Bowl XLVIII, botches coin toss

Joe Namath may have had a cool coat, but he messed up early.
Joe Namath may have had a cool coat, but he messed up early.
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A legendary New York Jets quarterback was on the field for Super Bowl XLVIII, as he was an honorary captain before the game. As he walked out to midfield and met with the captains of both teams on Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014, Joe Namath was not just the center of attention because he is an NFL icon, but because of his lavish fur coat and for messing up the coin toss.

Namath met in the middle of the field alongside the head umpire and New York Giants legend Phil Simms so that everything could officially could get started.

First of all, Namath was decked out for the Super Bowl in a very lavish and poofy fur coat. He looked very out of place next to Simms in his suit and the players in their uniforms.

Umpire Terry McAulay then handed the pre-game coin to Namath so that he could toss it in the air to determine who got possession first.

It appeared as if Namath was a bit excited about being out there and he immediately tossed it up into the air. McAulay stepped right in and caught the coin before it hit the ground, and many kind of wondered what was going on.

Well, Joe Namath made the Super Bowl coin toss before the Seattle Seahawks made their call. Namath simply smiled, laughed, and told McAulay that he made a "nice catch."

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