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Joe Manganiello shares how he really feels about 'True Blood' and Alcide

Actor Joe Manganiello opens up about his feelings -- both good and bad -- about his role as Alcide on "True Blood."
Actor Joe Manganiello opens up about his feelings -- both good and bad -- about his role as Alcide on "True Blood."
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No one is safe during the final season of “True Blood,” but as actor Joe Manganiello knows, a few are more expendable than others, particularly with seven more episodes still to go. Even so, that doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye to some of the characters. While Maxine Fortenberry met an untimely end on the episode that aired Sunday, July 6, it was Alcide’s death that really upset fans.

“Still struggling with the fact that Alcide died on the last episode of @TrueBloodHBO,” @macyeast_ tweeted today, July 8; and she is far from the only one who’s still mourning for the wolf. But while fans grieved, Manganiello expressed a different sentiment. While he was sad to see his character killed off -- he did tweet “RIP ALCIDE - I will miss you more than anyone. Thank you @TrueBloodHBO, my cast, my Truebies, and my Wolfpack for these past 5 years. #LOVE” after all -- he knew it was coming.

According to an interview the actor did with TVLine, Manganiello knew Alcide was going to die as soon as they filmed the “TrueBlood” season six finale. After all, the vamp drama’s central character is Sookie (Anna Paquin), and she still has plenty of things to resolve with the vampires in her life, especially Bill (Stephen Moyer), before the show is over for good. She can’t resolve those feelings, not without angering fans, while she’s in a relationship with Alcide.

But that isn’t the only reason that Alcide was expendable. Ever since the HBO drama changed showrunners, Manganiello’s character has taken a backseat. The actor even revealed to DigitalSpy that there was supposed to be a whole storyline about him and his dad -- until the current showrunner cut it out. In turn, his story veered away from the core cast, and as Manganiello says, turned into “mindless yelling.”

Does Manganiello bashing Alcide’s storyline show a lack of class and lack of respect for a show that has given him so much popularity? Not necessarily. He’s just being honest about how he felt about his storyline, something not all actors are willing to do. Plus, some fans of “True Blood” would agree with him. After all, after five seasons of being on the show, Alcide’s “departure” from the vampire-filled world lasted mere seconds. Hopefully he’ll get more of a tribute, of sorts, with Sookie mourning him. But chances are, considering how the other deaths on the show have been handled as of late (like Tara’s), Sookie will move on and continue to do stupid things, like act like vamp bait.

Which character do you think will be killed off next? “

True Blood” airs on HBO Sundays at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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