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Joe Manganiello promises more naked Alcide in True Blood

Joe Manganiello as "Alcide"
Joe Manganiello as "Alcide"

Trubies, it's time to start sharpening your fangs in preparation of the upcoming fourth season of True Blood! While our blood-starved hearts still have another couple of months to go before our beloved vamps, weres and unwitting genteel mortals grace our steamy summer nights, it's time to begin delivering the latest sizzling True Blood news, once again!

In order to get the blood pumping through the veins of this column after a long hiatus, how about a little update on the sexiest Louisiana werewolf on television, Alcide? Straight from Joe Manganiello's lips on the red carpet of Logo's New Now Next Awards are promises that fans can expect quite a bit more naked shots of the handsome howling hero! MTV caught up with Manganiello, who was attending with co-star Kristin Bauer, for a quick video interview. Bauer also revealed that her character Pam will be undergoing a "bad-ass" transformation. Gone will be the more emotional, sentimental side we saw of Eric's vampire companion, replaced by a "more raw version". Between the introduction of witches, which Bauer and Manganiello both confirm have a bit of a difficult time getting along with the current supernatural population of Bon Temps, something tells me Pam will be taking no prisoners in Season 4.

Check out the full video interview on the MTV Hollywood Crush site by clicking here.