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Joe Jackson claims he knew Michael had a fourth son

Omer Bhatti sitting front row at Michael Jackson's Memorial

Joe Jackson has managed to come back into the media spotlight once again, making claims about the alleged biological son of Michael Jackson. Joe Jackson has said in an interview with TV One he knew Michael had a fourth child.

Bhatti's relation to Michael has come under increased speculation in recent days because of his presence at Michael Jackson's Memorial Service, where he sat in the front row with Jackson's immediate family.


  • Cesar 5 years ago

    It might be Michael's kid but either way I donty want to hear crap from Joe Jackson

  • nevermind 5 years ago

    He is trying desperately to get to the Jackson 5 - second edition.

  • Tiannie Brown 5 years ago

    he might be michael jackson because he has the hot looks tyhat michael has nd he was there at the memorial service nd lived in the neverland ranch with michael for the past eight years. its a 50%/50% chance it can nd cannot be his son.

  • katherine sandoz 5 years ago

    Author: " this is really Michael Jackson's son."

    Watch out for whether or weather, right?