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Joe Figueroa in Dallas: The who, what, where, when and 50 whys

From the set of MTV to the stage of the Reno International Bachata Festival, Joe Figueroa has been recognized as a dynamic figure in the dance community since his teens. He transitioned from Freestyle, Pop and Hip Hop to the Latin genre in 2000 and has since spear-headed the “Philly Style” movement. Figueroa now maintains his dance dominion across the tri-state area, but Dallas has him for the weekend. Here are the details, including 50 reasons why you should attend:

Joe Figueroa of Living in Rhythm (Philadelphia, PA) returns to Dallas for a weekend of dance workshops.
Courtesy of Joe Figueroa

Joe Figueroa of Living in Rhythm (Philadelphia, PA) and Luana Niculache and Jean-Frederic Boisdet of Salsa Sunrise (Dallas, TX). And you.


"Latin Dance Weekender" presented by Salsa Sunrise and Living in Rhythm

Salsa Workshops - Salsa Fundamentals & More, Secrets of Lead & Follow, Salsa with a Twist, Intricate Partnerwork, Fast & Furious

Bachata Workshops - Bachata Fundamentals & More, Bachata Romantica, Tricky Combinations, Philly Style Bachata - Advanced

Saturday night social dance and Sunday night practice party

Move Studio (17062 Preston Rd., Suite 108 Dallas TX 75248)

Saturday, September 17: Workshops 2:15pm - 7:15pm
Social dance with music by DJ Joe Figueroa 10:00pm - 3:00am

Sunday, September 18: Workshops 2:30pm - 6:30pm
Practice party 6:30pm - 7:30pm

To improve your salsa. To improve your bachata. To meet Joe Figueroa. To dance with Joe Figueroa. To learn how Philly Style Bachata is unique. To listen to Jean-Frederic Boisdet's French accent. To conquer a fear of dance floors. To learn Joe’s “Tricky Combinations” - cause it’s tricky to dance around, to dance around and be on time, it’s tricky. To gain a sense of accomplishment. To burn a grotesque number of calories. To work your legs. To get out of your house. To get out of your chores. To hear Luana Niculache speak any of the five languages she knows. To reconnect with old friends. To work your glutes. To be able to brag to your friends that you know how to dance salsa. To be able to brag to your friends that you know Joe Figueroa. To be cool. To dance Bachata Romantica with lots of different people. To work your abs. To learn how to move with sensuality and control. To ask Joe what Edie the Salsa Freak taught him about his lead. To get to know the Salsa Sunrise family. To listen to Jean-Frederic Boisdet's French accent. To learn how to do what Joe and Luana are doing in the video. To see what one of the “World’s Best Leads” is like. To improve your balance. To get a week’s worth of cardio. To have an excuse to wear the cute new yoga outfit you never do yoga in. To have an excuse to buy a cute new yoga outfit. To release a lot of endorphins. To get more facebook friends. To get more Twitter followers. To actualize your Dirty Dancing dreams. To try something different. To make yourself sound busy and important with your packed weekend. To have fun. To meet new locals. To make the ex who never danced with you jealous. To make the ex you never danced with jealous. To catch up on the surplus of salsa scene gossip. To relive the school dance glory days, but with better dancers. To break in a new pair of dance shoes. To spark a flame with your significant other. To get a break from your significant other. To listen to Jean-Frederic Boisdet's French accent (I may have mentioned that already). To get a cool Salsa Sunrise tee-shirt for $20. To learn how to say "eat your heart out" without saying a word. And finally, because Joe Figueroa says, "After my first visit to Dallas I have a much better feel for what the Dallas dance community wants and needs as far as the dancing goes. This time around I am preparing much more content and much more technique. But above all, it's going to be a great time!"

Niculache adds, "Joe's teaching methods are so well-defined that the minute you leave the class, you'll be able to use what you learnt on the dance floor right away. And what's even more intruguing is that you can learn so much from him with so little effort!"

For further information, please view the event details here.


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