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Joe Dumars to resign

Joe Dumars is giving up his post with the Pistons.
Joe Dumars is giving up his post with the Pistons.
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The news that I expected from the moment Maurice Cheeks was fired as head coach has arrived. Joe Dumars is reportedly out as GM of the Detroit Pistons. Of course, he is being given the chance to "resign," as opposed to getting fired, but the principle is the same. Dumars' tenure is over. A new era begins.

It will be the first time that the Pistons don't have Dumars as a key piece for a while. He retired as a Piston after a Hall of Fame career (a dubious one, but still) in 1999, and then became team president in 2000. The early days were good. It must be remembered that this team had a ton of success under Dumars. They won a title. They went to another NBA Finals. They went to the Eastern Conference Finals a million times. Then, things started to slip, and Dumars did not adjust.

It almost felt like things started to pass him by, and he didn't seem to adjust well to new situations. He signed so many bad free agent deals. Tons of them. He hired coach after coach after coach, including getting rid of a really good one in Rick Carlisle. People will also point out the Darko Milicic selection, but the guy definitely drafted well. I mean, he got Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe, and others later in the draft. Still, things fell apart, and Dumars had to go.

The Pistons have a chance to rebuild. They already have some pieces in place. Tom Gores and company need to hire a bright mind with an analytical bend. Just ask Darryl Morey who he has as a right hand man currently. They'll probably be up to the task.

Joe Dumars' tenure as team president was, shall we say, complicated, but that time has past. The post-Dumars era begins in earnest.