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Joe Cross reveals how he lost 85 pounds, restored health with 60-day juice fast

Joe Cross tells how he lost 85 pounds with juicing.
Joe Cross tells how he lost 85 pounds with juicing.
UK Express

Joe Cross is a believer when it comes to the joys of juicing. A 60-day juice fast helped him lose 85 pounds while restoring his health, Joe told the Business Mirror on Jan. 2.

Prior to making the decision, Joe was focused on his career as an businessman, trading stocks and shares while managing multiple properties.

However, Joe admits, he was clinically obese, suffering from high blood pressure. cholesterol and severe hives. And so he turned to juicing, which he feels saved him.

“I’m here to share my story about how fruits and vegetables, by eating and juicing them, saved my life. I’m not here to preach or to force people to juice; I’m simply here because I discovered something good that could also save other people’s lives,” he says.

Joe views his approach as a reboot, which can be followed for different periods of time. For example, if you're overweight, sluggish and fatigue, he suggests a five-day reboot.

“Drink two-and-a-half to three one-liter glasses of juice a day and nothing else. The first three days are the hardest as you’ll feel light-headed and get headaches, but days four and five, you start to enjoy and feel the difference,” he says.

And he feels that the results can do more than help you win at weight loss: They can transform your health.

Prior to juicing, Joe had to take 70 mg of the steroid prednisone every day.

"Even when I didn't feel sick the fact I was constantly reaching for the medicine cabinet reminded me I was ill, not to mention the many side effects taking steroids long term can cause," he told the Express recently.

"After 60 days of just juice and a further 90 days of eating only fruit and vegetables I was off all medication. It was five months of hard graft but it cured me," says Joe, author of "The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet: Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Feel Amazing" (click for details).

In addition to getting off medication in that first 60 days, Joe lost 85 pounds, restored his blood pressure and cholesterol levels to normal and felt like a new man. But he doesn't call his extreme weight loss plan a diet.

"I consulted doctors before the fast. In the three liters of juice I was consuming each day I was getting about 14 grams of protein."

He's documented his experience in "Fat Sick & Nearly Dead" (click for details).

Now he's relocated to New York and founded a media company which provides content to inspire people to lead happier and healthier lives.

"The juice fast was only the beginning. For the most part it has been about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One thing I know for sure is that if I go back to my old ways I'll go back to what I was in no time and I can't ever let that happen."

Joe recently appeared on "The Dr. Oz Show" to discuss his juicing secrets and provide a three-day weight loss cleanse: Get the details by clicking here.

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