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Joe Cornell returns money: Honest grandpa finds $125,000, decides to turn it in

Joe Cornell returned a bag of money — amounting to no less than $125,000 — that dropped from an armored truck this week, but the Salvation Army worker and honest man decided to turn it in. While many people would no doubt have a very hard time making the “right” choice in this incredible finding, Cornell recently said that he only had to think of his new grandchildren and how they would remember him to make him do the noble thing. Travelers Today News shares this Saturday, May 31, that the good grandpa will in fact be receiving a tidy little reward of his own for his integrity, which seems equally fair.

Joe Cornell finds bag of money, returns it to police
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

It appears that the start to this incredible Joe Cornell returns money story begins in California, when the Salvation Army worker and current grandpa of three grandkids noticed a hefty bag fall from a nearby armored truck on the road. The Brinks vehicle sped off quite fast from a changing red light in local Fresno, and the bag of $125,000 in cash was apparently left behind in the haste.

As soon as he found it, Cornell said he was faced with a major moral dilemma. While he believed he should return the money, it was very hard for him to do so initially, and he was tempted to keep it, having been a “poor” man for all of his life.

"I started crying and shaking," said the current Salvation Army worker. "Everything was going through my mind — the good devil/bad devil thing. What to do?"

However, notes the Huffington Post in their report, it looks like Joe Cornell knew to return the money after finally stopping to think of his fourth grandchild, who will soon be born. He realized that he wanted to have the future generations think well of him, and that taking cash from someone else that did not rightfully belong to him was not a good way to do so.

"I thought, 'What would I want her to think of me?' That made up my mind right there," said the grandpa in a recent interview with the local press. "I got on my radio and decided to call my boss. 'Hey, I found a bag of money.' "

The honest 52-year-old man currently serves a Salvation Army group that specifically works with people suffering from substance-abuse as part of a rehabilitation program in Fresno. He supports the helpful organization by assisting with the donation trailers. While heading down to the police station to return the money, Cornell said he probably looked like a funny sight to see.

"I went down there carrying the bag like I was Santa Claus," Cornell added.

A spokesman for Brinks said that it has not been determined at this time just how the armored truck managed to lose the bag of money amounting to a massive $125,000. The individual did call it a security issue they were looking into, but the company in question who received the cash back has opted to give Joe Cornell a $5,000 reward for his honesty, as well as a $5,000 donation to the grandpa’s branch of the Salvation Army.

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