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Joe Budden to sign with Eminems Shady Records?

Word around the rumor mil has Joe Budden signing a solo deal with Eminem's Shady Records. You might recall Budden and 50 Cent had some well documented beef. It was back in the August edition of XXL (2003) where 50 cent took a shot at Budden in the step your game up section of the mag. He was referencing the line "We pump diesel I ain't talkin 'bout jeans or sneakers." Joe then returned the favor on DJ Clue's "The Streets Are Buzzin" mix tape. On the track "Bang Out" Joe Budden said, "Rearrange genes and features; Pump diesel /I aint talkin bout jeans and sneakers; Think about it /See you rap dudes wanna hassle me? / Well / might have to treat this barrel like a Sprewell; You jump; I box out / What good is your bulletproof truck when you gotta hop out?" And so goes the beginning of the Joe Budden vs 50 Cent fiasco. But with word coming from none other than Joe Budden himself that he is about to ink a deal with Eminem's Shady Records can the two keep playing nice?


Do you think Joe Budden is actually going to sign with Em? Would Emimen really offer Joe Budden a solo deal? And finally how do you think 50 Cent will react to this? Only time will tell, it is way possible that this is just marketing being drummed up for Joe Buddens newly revealed "Mood Muzik 4.5"

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