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Joe Biden wants to win

Joe, you already won. You are the Vice President. President Obama is our cross to bear so to speak. He needed your help from day 1 to staff the administration with superior executives. He missed the mark. He needed your wisdom to help him make decisions about the economy and maybe that took hold because the economy has made a turnaround.

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However, foreign policy is a bust. It has gotten much worse since Hillary departed.

It is true that Republicans have pounded President Obama unmercifully since day 1 and term 2. That is a national disgrace. It has made America much less safe. A Democrat might wonder, where has Joe been? Joe can fight the Republican gridlock, can’t he. He can argue and debate with the GOP leaders to expose their weakness and their unproductive intentions, perhaps even better than the President.

What turns Americans off is the constant plea for pledges and donations when what we want are incumbents to perform superbly. That isn’t happening.

Furthermore, Democrats are tapped out. They have been all in on this presidency and now Democrats are struggling to hold their own. You are correct in your letter, the GOP must believe they are winning and doing something right, because they continue on the same course.

Yet, look at the polls, Congress stinks worse than President Obama.

Maybe we should float a new rumor, Biden and Warren for President and see if that works. Or, maybe let’s call it Clinton and Biden for Election 2016. Do something positively controversial to fire up the base.

Still, the best way to do that is to call out Congress and make them defend their actions. They simply are not being held sufficiently accountable for their bad performance. Time is wasting, Joe. You are the only one working today, so kick start a debate with the opposition and let's turn this around.

“More and more, I'm having this same conversation with Democratic leaders, and now I'm having it with you, James:

Republicans are inventing new ways to make it harder to improve and govern our country. They are lashing out against our President and our party with reckless abandon. So, what are we going to do about it?

The only answer is to fight back. Chip in $10 or more right now, and you won't regret it when you see what you helped us accomplish in November.”

I have a lot of respect for my colleagues in Congress. And one thing I hope you won't forget is that no one, Republican or Democrat, in the House or the Senate, is stupid. If we see Republicans doubling down on something like obstruction, lawsuits, and distractions, it's because they think those things are gonna help to win elections for the GOP.

What will win elections for Democrats? Help from dedicated supporters like you, and a genuine belief in our ability and obligation to make our country better than we found it before this President leaves office.

Chip in today for the fight ahead:

Thank you, James. Glad to have you with us.


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