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Jodie Foster’s father convicted in housing scam

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Lucius Foster, father of Academy award winning actress Jodie Foster, is facing a 25-year sentence after being convicted of grand theft in a housing scam used to cheat the poor and elderly.

According to City News Service, the 89-year old collected more than $100,000 to build low cost homes from cargo containers – and, say prosecutors, used the money to attract new customers rather than build even a single dwelling.

In total, 21 people told the Van Nuys, CA court that they gave the elderly contractor $5,000 each to build those homes.

Foster, a former real estate broker and decorated Air Force lieutenant-colonel, could theoretically be sentenced to a full 25-year stint behind bars by the judge in this afternoon’s sentencing hearing.

However, due to his advanced age, an extended sentence is extremely unlikely.

Meanwhile, after 3 hours of jury deliberation following yesterday’s trial, Foster was handcuffed and taken away to jail.

The Silence of the Lambs actress has made no public statement about the trial, and according to Mr. Foster, has no current relationship with his daughter.

Did you know? Despite Lucius Foster coming from a wealthy family, Evelyn Foster (Jodie Foster’s mother), supported her daughter by working as a film producer while encouraging her daughter’s career as a child actress.