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Jodi Cobb, Stranger in a Strange Land

Photo of Geisha from Jodi Cobbs behind the scenes story of the secret world of the Geisha
Photo of Geisha from Jodi Cobbs behind the scenes story of the secret world of the Geisha
Jodi Cobb

The Program was called Stranger in a Strange Land, but one gets the feeling that Jodi Cobb is no stranger in any land. The Broad Stage in Santa Monica presented the 2013 -14 National Geographic Live series with an outstanding evening featuring photographer Jodi Cobb.

Cobb, a globetrotting photographer, former staffer for National Geographic, multiple award winner and book author, shared her photographic adventures, with a live narrative during an on screen presentation of her award-winning imagery.

From rock and roll to heart breaking stories on slavery in the 20th century, Jodi kept the audience engaged in her work with stories of how the images were conceived, the loneliness of travel, and the constant quest to make beautiful meaningful photos. Photos that stay with you, photos that may change the way people think photos that will take you to far-flung lands and involve you in distant cultures.

Always interested in the story behind the scene, reveal hidden societies, Cobb, takes you behind the veil into the cloistered lives of Saudi Arabian women, and into the fascinating secret culture of Japan’s Geisha.

Visually stunning, insightful, beautiful, informative, sometimes disturbing, Jodi Cobb’s photographs tell of her journey from young rock and roll hippy photojournalist to world renowned photographer. After taking you through the shocking, poignant, and sometime hard to look at images of human trafficking, child labor and the sex trade, she ended the evenings on a lighter note, with a story in Venice Italy, and a video of incredibly beautiful abstract photos of reflections on the water of the Venice canals.

A new 2014-15 series will begin October 2, 2014, featuring Steve Winter, On The Trail of Big Cats, December 4, the series will take you to Untamed Antarctica, February 19, 2015 will spotlight underwater photography in Coral, Fire, & Ice, the final presentation in this series will be on March 19, 2015, Chasing Rivers with photographer & filmmaker Pete McBride.

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