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Jodi Arias will be in court this week, but why: Court docs revealed

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It has been one year since Jodi Arias was convicted of first degree murder for the killing of her lover Travis Alexander. The case has dragged on in the Maricopa County Judicial Branch in Arizona after the jury in her 2013 trial was unable to come to a decision on whether or not to sentence her to life in prison, or to Death Row. The Huffington Post reports today that the latest Jodi Arias trial update is that convicted felon Jodi Arias will be in court this week for another hearing related to her criminal case of the State of Arizona versus Jodi Arias. Jodi Arias is scheduled to appear in court this Friday May 16, 2014.

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What Jodi will be in court for this Friday May 16 remains unclear. The Huffington Post only reports that Jodi will be appearing in court to prepare for the retrying of the sentencing phase of her first degree murder conviction. This has also been confirmed by CBS News.

A closer look at the docket calendars and current case listings in the Maricopa County Judicial Branch reveals some interesting Jodi Arias trial updates that might shed light on this new hearing.

The Toronto Relationships Examiner previously reported that a member of the criminal defense team for Jodi Aria had their wrists slapped for trying to smuggle artwork of Jodi Arias out of the Maricopa County Estrella Jail. The defense team member for Jodi Arias that was briefly banned from visiting Jodi in jail for smuggling artwork was mitigation specialist Maria de la Rosa.

Maria served as Jodi's mitigation specialist all through the 2013 trial. The Toronto Relationship Examiner has since learned that there is a new name listed on Jodi's court case as a potential Mitigation Specialist, with Sue Stodola being listed as the current Mitigation Specialist with attorney "To Be Determined". This could mean that mitigation specialist Maria de la Rosa has been replaced, or will be replaced, with mitigation specialist Sue Stodola.

Prior to this change in the Jodi Arias court records, the most recent updates on the Jodi Arias file in the Maricopa County courts reveals updates regarding the filming of the sentencing trial in September. We have also learned that CNN has filed motions seeking records in the Jodi Arias case to be unsealed regarding a November 13, 2013 hearing. This hearing was a request regarding camera coverage in the upcoming sentencing trial for Jodi Arias.

This most recent update in the Jodi Arias case is likely unrelated to news that surfaced this month regarding a possible defamation suit and restraining order against media outlets TMZ and Nancy Grace. With a new member of the defense team being listed on the Jodi Arias criminal case in the Maricopa County court dockets, it is possible that this is what Friday's hearing will entail.

On the other hand, every Jodi Arias trial update includes stories that recount her long history of seeking protective orders, threatening to sue for defamation, and complaints about poor treatment in jail. A look at our slideshow reveals some examples of the multiple court documents that have been filed in the Jodi Arias trial over the years. One for example includes a filing seeking a protective order against HLN reporter Beth Karas, CNN, and ABC. A request which was denied in March 2013. Also included in this slideshow are notes from the preliminary investigation by Detective Flores immediately after the murder of Travis Alexander.

Do you think having a new mitigation specialist will help Jodi flee the death penalty?


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