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Jodi Arias update: New retrial date scheduled

Life or death for Jodi Arias?
Life or death for Jodi Arias?
NY Daily News

At long last, judge Sherry Stephens has rescheduled the retrial of Jodi Arias to begin September 8. A new jury will be selected and the entire process will begin again. The new jurors will be told upfront that Jodi is already convicted of premeditated first degree murder, and that their only job is to determine if she deserves to die for her crime or serve life in prison.

This time without the cameras in the courtroom, the trial will take place a second time, with evidence being presented again, showing that Jodi did, in fact, have a calculated plan to murder Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008. Prosecutor Juan Martinez will again show that Jodi spent nearly 2 full days traveling to reach Mesa, AZ, with a gun believed to be stolen from her grandparents, which is used to shoot the 30 year old entrepreneur and motivational speaker, as well as stabbing him 29 times and slitting his throat.

There have been various theories introduced as to what occurred that day, to cause Jodi to turn on her lover so violently. Travis had previously told people that she was stalking him and that he was fearful of her. However, the now-convicted murderess maintains that her brutal attack was in defense of her own life. She claims she was abused by Travis and was fearful of him, which is dismissed as ridiculousness by every single other person who knew him. As is Jodi's claims that Travis was a pedophile, and there has been no proof exhibited to date to show any indication of such claims being true.

The bottom line on all this comes down to lies. Jodi Arias lied and lied and lied and LIED to cover her tracks and avoid taking responsibility for what she had done. First, she wasn't there and knew nothing about what had happened to him. Then, two masked intruders busted in on them and killed him, leaving her to walk free. And then it was self defense. And then he was a pedophile, too. Ridiculous.

As of now, the death penalty is still a possible sentence, though defense attorney Kirk Nurmi has filed a motion, trying to remove it as an option. That's pretty doubtful, though, as the judge has turned down this request a number of times already. Most likely, it will be up to the new jury to decide her fate. If they are unable to reach a unanimous decision, the death penalty will automatically be removed as an option and judge Stephens will decide if Jodi will spend her entire life behind bars, or if she will be eligible for release in 25 years.

So, several months from now, it will be decided what is next for Jodi Arias. And then she will appeal anyway, costing Maricopa County even more money than the $1.7 million spent on her first trial. Travis Alexander deserves justice. He seemed to have many positive things going on in his life, but after all, he was just like any other guy. Even his flaws didn't make him deserving of the brutal murder.

What is the right sentence for her? Which option would be worse, really? Life in prison would be no life, but she would still be alive, a luxury that another person doesn't have because of her. On the other hand, death would just be death.

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