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Jodi Arias tries to take down the press, epic fail: Mysterious tweets, video

One thing the public does know about Jodi Arias is that she is a very good liar. So it is a struggle at best to take anything she says seriously. At the same time, she has done some pretty outrageous things so we don't even put the outrageous things past her.

Here is a comparison of Jodi Arias signatures. One was filed on the documents in question, the other on her documents in the case of the State of Arizona versus Jodi Arias.
Here is a comparison of Jodi Arias signatures. One was filed on the documents in question, the other on her documents in the case of the State of Arizona versus Jodi Arias.
ABC 15 Arizona

Even so with her long history of grandiose delusions the things that she does say are outrageous enough that her claims require a little checking up. Especially when those claims involve defamation suits against the press, her Sherriff, and include restraining orders against none other than Nancy Grace, according to TMZ.

Jodi Arias does not have computers to access court records, court forms, or even Twitter if she wants. Filing a defamation suit from her current residence the Maricopa County Estrella Jail isn't exactly a cakewalk. So how did all of this drama start up anyway?

In a report on April 19, TMZ reported that Jodi Arias had filed legal documents making allegations and accusations against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Nancy Grace. The allegations against Sheriff Arpaio included allegations of unfair treatment in jail, which included being forced to say the Pledge of Allegiance before she would be allowed to eat, and lack of proper health care.

TMZ reported that documents were filed on April 4 claiming she was facing 'imminent danger and bodily harm', TMZ was not the only outlet that reported that, ABC 15 Arizona also did and also showed the legal files on the news story.

The allegations against Nancy Grace included defamation allegations as the claims in the filing were that Nancy Grace said something on TV about Jodi that was not true. The filing also alleged that Sheriff Joe Arpaio intercepted letters between Jodi and a cousin to Travis Alexander, and consequently leaked those intercepted to Nancy Grace so that she could report it to her viewers on HLN.

The more the story went on, the weirder it sounded. And ironic. Jodi suing someone for lying? And defamation? After she dragged the name of Travis Alexander through the deepest mud puddles in the world? Too many outrageous claims, even for Jodi Arias. The biggest one being a lawsuit against the press.

This is a woman who called a press conference at the Maricopa County Estrella Jail just moments after she was convicted of first degree murder. She has created the reputation that, the last thing she wants is the press to stop talking about her.

Even Sheriff Joe Arpaio thought it was just another stunt. On April 21 he told Fox 10 this was just another one of Jodi's stunt.

"I know that she wants publicity, and the only way she can get that is go after this controversial Sheriff, and she's WON, because I am talking to you….She's just mad that I stopped all the media from going to the jail for interviews….she has no way to get the media out."

That was easy to believe. When one feels they are out of options, one resorts to stunts. And if past behavior is any indication of future behavior, Jodi resorting to stunts is a given. Was this really just her latest?

Pretty big stunts even from a Jodi perspective, suing the press and the man responsible for her well being. As much as relationships have a tendency to experience a spiral of decimation under the Borderline Personality Profile, even this was a little too out there.

It just didn't make sense. Until it did. But finding the needle of truth in a haystack of lies was anything but easy.

On April 21 ABC 15 Arizona did some fact checking and then reported this as "the bombshell story that fizzled". This entire hoax was started by an inmate in a Pennsylvania prison who is none other than….Christopher Alexander, third cousin to the deceased.

TMZ has already been given the "no-no" finger wag for claiming documents were filed in a defamation suit by Jodi Arias. After closer discovery however, the files in question did actually exist at the time of the TMZ printing.

Jodi's own lawyer, Jennifer Willmott says, that's just not true. She told Fox 10 the lawsuit is totally bogus, that it was not filed by Jodi Arias. Jodi Arias stated to Sheriff Joe Arpaio in front of her lawyer, according to the Sheriff, that she did not file those papers.

Fox 10 also suggests the lawsuit is bogus, but there is in fact paperwork in the courts that reflects something was filed by someone who is naming themselves Jodi Arias. But, were they filed by Jodi Arias?

Likely not. In the papers obtained by ABC 15, several discrepancies were found to suggest that Jodi did not file those papers. The signature on the court filing does not match the signature on the court documents in the case of the State of Arizona versus Jodi Arias. But that's not all.

The filing occurred with the return address being listed as the Maricopa County 4th Avenue Jail, and this is not the address for Jodi Arias. Jodi is living in the Maricopa County Estrella jail. There are no lawyers listed on the file, and we know that Jodi has representation. But the documents were filed and stamped by the courts on April 4.

So who filed the papers? An address listed on the file traces back to an inmate in a Pennsylvania prison who goes by the name of none other than Christopher Alexander. Some sources do say this is a third cousin to the deceased victim Travis Alexander, though ABC 15 has not been able to confirm this as the source of the filing, or as the cousin to Travis Alexander.

So who filed it and what is happening next?

It's not just a matter of answering the question for the court of public opinion. The court of legal opinion wants an answer as well. To sign a legal document such as a court document pretending that you are someone else is a fraudulent act and a felony at that. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has told ABC 15 Arizona that he is asking the federal level to investigate this further.

Is that the end of the story?

It's Jodi Arias. So no. A look at a mysterious Twitter account suggests there are other lawsuits in place, at least one being referred to as #lawsuit. This Twitter account is selling artwork that Jodi is creating while in prison, lending it some legitimacy. A little.

The Twitter page in question is not hiding the fact that it is not Jodi updating the tweets. We already know that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has confirmed she does not have access to computers in prison. Someone is alleging to tweet on her behalf, but who? And what about #lawsuit?

On May 1 the mysterious Jodi Arias twitter account @JodiAnnArias tweeted: "#JodiArias is seeking an attorney for a possible defamation #lawsuit. Any recommendations?"

The twitter conversation that followed suggests this all goes back to the TMZ situation.

A look at Jodi's Twitter account suggests that the papers were filed. But how? Jodi does not have access to Twitter, or even computers in prison.

But who is tweeting, and who is filing? And what was actually filed? Is it Jodi Arias or not? Is Jodi going to try to take down the press again or is this going to be another epic fail? What do you think?

VIDEO: Watch this disturbing video on how one of Jodi's former inmates talks about life with cray cray!

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