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Jodi Arias trial update, Jodi seeks continuance via enclosed handwritten letter

It is a move that surprises nobody, as the woman on trial for the brutal slaying of Travis Alexander has been seeking to delay the inevitable since day one. Another very familiar characteristic of Jodi Arias is her propensity to point fingers at anyone but herself. The latest Jodi Arias trial update occurred yesterday when Jodi Arias appeared before the Maricopa County Superior Courts yet again. In Jodi's latest court appearance she arrived with a handwritten letter doing both of those things, requesting to delay the inevitable, while pointing fingers at everyone but herself. Fox News reported on Aug. 20 out of Phoenix, Arizona, that Jodi Arias appeared before the Maricopa County Superior Court on Aug. 20 to request a continuance on her case, while blaming someone else for the reason she is requesting said continuance.

Jodi Arias trial update, Jodi writes handwritten motion to the court seeking yet another continuance in the retrial of the sentencing phase of her death penalty case.
Troy Hayden

The handwritten letter Jodi proffered in her motion to the Superior Courts detailed a recent situation at the Maricopa County Estrella Jail where she had a problem being able to see one of her expert witnesses. Fox News has obtained the handwritten motion that details a situation that occurred at the Maricopa County Estrella Jail on August 6 where Jodi came face to face with the difficulties of self-representing from prison.

In her letter Jodi requests the court to grant a continuance of the death penalty phase of her trial on the basis of an incident where a Lieutenant at the Maricopa County Estrella Jail allegedly "refused to comply" and allegedly acted "belligerent." The full copy of the letter can be seen in the slideshow, while some of the accusations from Jodi read as follows,

"I respectfully request that this court continue the trial set for September 8, 2014, and reset it for September 29, 2014, due to a delay caused by MCSO [Maricopa County Sheriff's Office] staff, specifically Lieutenant Eastlund of Estrella Jail.

On August 6, 2014, my expert arrived at the jail with mitigation specialist Maria De La Rosa for a scheduled visit for the purpose of completing and evaluation of me."

Jodi then details a situation where mitigation specialist De La Rosa and her witness arrived at the jail and were not allowed to meet Jodi on her timetable. Jodi made statements about the Lieutenant in question accusing the Lieutenant of many things, including phrases like, "refused to comply" and "belligerently replied."

It appears from this document that Jodi's narcissism is in full swing, and that she feels the Lieutenant in question is under her thumb so to speak when it comes to interviewing witnesses. Does Jodi not see her own actions on occasions as belligerent? Likely not, as a key personality deficiency in narcissists and sociopath is lack of insight into their own behavior.

This is difficult for a narcissist and sociopath to do, and many experts will agree that what those afflicted with these levels of mental dysfunction will often do is accuse those that they are angry at of the things they are most guilty of. This is alleged by many to be reason number one why Jodi is accusing Travis Alexander of being an abuser, a mirror perhaps of the traits she hates most in herself.

Or is this just anything to avoid the death penalty?

This document also indicated that Jodi is unaware of the position the State is going to take when it comes to the retrial of the sentencing phase of her trial. She might be the only person in North America confused about what position the State is going to take. Denial perhaps?

The State has made it very clear since her arrest that the death penalty will be and is being vigorously pursued.

Jodi concluded her letter to the courts saying,

"To summarize, despite everyone's being on the same page, Lt. Eastlund's refusal to cooperate has made MCSO the cause of a delay in my preparation for trial and has rendered me un-ready to proceed on September 8, 2014. Because my expert can not return until the end of August, I am requesting that trial be continued strictly for the space of time that Lt. Eastlund's actions delayed matters, which is a period of 3 weeks, and that trial begin September 29, 2014."

Judge Sherry Stephens granted Jodi's motion. Previous Jodi Arias trial updates from the Maricopa County Superior Court had jury selection slated for September 8. Jury selection will now begin on September 29, per Jodi's request.

Other Jodi Arias trial updates in this latest move from Jodi indicate that she has also cut her hair. HLN reported that when appearing in court yesterday, Jodi Arias was "sporting a new hairdo". Jen Wood, court reporter for The Trial Diaries who has been in court for every Jodi Arias trial update since day one told HLN,

"She had it in a ponytail and you could tell it's probably shoulder length, probably to her shoulders where it used to be at her waist."

Jen also tweeted yesterday what it was like to be in the courtroom with Jodi Arias,

"She was real creepy during trial. She locked eyes and would stare. I just stared back."

The rest of court reporter Jen Wood's accounts from inside the courtroom can be found at The Trial Diaries.

A Twitter account that is allegedly connected to Jodi Arias stated that her chopped hair has been donated to Locks of Love, though Locks of Love was unable to confirm that with the Toronto Relationships Examiner by the time this Jodi Arias trial update went to press.

Donation of hair was something that Jodi Arias claimed was a reason she should be spared the death penalty when pleading for her life during the first sentencing phase of the Jodi Arias trial for the murder of Travis Alexander.

In her statement to her first jury in May 2013, Jodi begged for her life to be spared, suggesting that donating hair for the rest of her life to cancer patients made it worthwhile to save her. She said,

"A few months before trial – and by that I mean jury selection – my hair was past my waist and I donated it to Locks of Love, the non profit, which creates wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair. In fact that was my third donation to that organization since I was arrested. If I'm allowed to live in prison, I will continue to donate to that organization for the rest of my life."

Cancer is not the only reason patients use Locks of Love. There are multiple forms of medically induced hair loss, and thus Locks of Love supports many forms of this hair loss through donated hair.

In the most recent Jodi Arias trial update before the Maricopa Courts Aug. 20, Jodi presented her motion via a handwritten letter claiming she was having problems interviewing a witness, and that it was all someone else's fault. Judge Sherry Stephens asked Jodi if the witness was present to corroborate her claims, or if Jodi had any evidence other than her word to corroborate her claims.

Jodi's answer to both of those questions was, no, according to Jen Wood of the Trial Diaries. Karen Arra, Director of Media Relations for the Maricopa County Courts has confirmed jury selection for the retrial of the sentencing phase of the State of Arizona versus Jodi Arias will begin Sept. 29.

In other Jodi Arias news, her artwork seems to be making headlines as well. Many trial watchers know that Jodi Arias has been creating art from jail, and selling it through her visitors at the jail in order to begin establishing an appellate fund. In a separate report yesteday, HLN reported that Jodi Arias is alleging that the proceeds from her art work are not in fact going towards her or her family, but will also be going to charity.

HLN reported yesterday that one of her pieces titled "Pinwheel" that is currently on the market for $1,500 includes another statement by Jodi,

"100% of the net proceeds from the sale of Pinwheel will be donated in Travis's name to a reputable non-profit organization that helps children. The organization and exact amount donated will be disclosed after the sale. I am aware that many of my supports despise Travis and will not agree with my doing this. Please understand that my reasons are complex and ones that I hope to be able to explain in a forthcoming blog post."

Once again, this simply seems to be another one of Jodi's lies. The Toronto Relationships Examiner has learned through a Facebook page in honor of Travis Alexander that this is simply not the case. This page is a justice seeking page, and one that very clearly and dearly honors the beloved Travis Alexander in every single way, every single day.

The page, "The State versus Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander Murder Trial" reported yesterday about the truth about what is really happening with the proceeds from Jodi's artwork, saying,

"According to Jodi Arias official twitter, the money made from 'art' sales isn't funding her murder trial. Further, she's not prepared to part with it in the event of a wrongful death suit. Our source tells us the 'art' money is going to her family and they're spending it quickly so there'll be nothing left when the Alexanders sue for wrongful death."

As usual, the latest Jodi Arias trial updates on this death penalty trial include drama and pointing fingers, alongside a long list of justice seekers ready to reveal the truth on each and every one of Jodi Arias lies.

Do you think Jodi Arias will avoid the death penalty? Would you purchase artwork from Jodi Arias? Further, would you want to wear a wig that was created from her hair?

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