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Jodi Arias trial update, abuse allegations crop up again, Kirk Nurmi stays

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As time marches closer to the retrial of the sentencing phase in the Jodi Arias trial for the murder of Travis Alexander, convicted felon Jodi Arias is pulling out every stop to delay the inevitable. It was previously reported by the Toronto Relationships Examiner that first chair for the defense, Kirk Nurmi, filed yet another motion this month asking to be removed from the case after Judge Sherry Stephens granted Jodi's motion to represent herself in the retrial of the sentencing phase in the case of the State of Arizona versus Jodi Arias. NBC News reported last week that Jodi asked the courts that if the motion to remove Kirk Nurmi from the case was successful, she would change her mind on self representation. That motion was denied, and Jodi is moving forward to prepare her own defense. Radar Online reported Aug.17 that the next step for Jodi as she prepares her case is to hire a private investigator that will be seeking witnesses to corroborate her allegations of abuse by the victim of this murder, Travis Alexander. This suggests that abuse allegations will take front and center at the retrial of the sentencing phase for the Jodi Arias trial, a suggestion that will make this retrial all the more difficult for the family of the victim.

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It is a move that "sickens" those that love the dearly beloved and deeply mourned Travis Alexander. Travis Alexander was a good man, motivational speaker, and led a life that inspired others to reach for their highest success possible. To allege that this man could also be an abuser, is an allegation that those close to the victim find deeply disturbing.

But Jodi Arias is convinced to pull out every stop to save her life, and accusing those that have passed on of abuse is a stop that is not too low for her. To date, Jodi Arias, a convicted felon with a history of lying, is the only person that has ever accused the victim Travis Alexander of abuse. While Jodi appears to be full of allegations against someone who is unable to defend himself, because of her actions, she has hired someone to find as much evidence of abuse as possible.

Will she be successful? Doubtful. If the victim in this murder trial were an abuser, after 6 years of evidentiary discovery and a lengthy death penalty murder trial, certainly that evidence would have come forward by now. It hasn't, because there is no evidence to corroborate Jodi's claims that she was abused by Travis.

Not only that, but new jurors in this case will also be told the multiple lies that Jodi Arias told that date back to 2008 when the savage murder occurred. Every lie that prosecutor for the State, Juan Martinez will bring forward, will be one more piece of evidence that will crush any credibility she may try to build with her new jury.

Jodi Arias clearly understands the mountain of issues before her, and Radar Online reported Aug. 17 that she is doing everything she can to substantiate her claims of abuse. Radar reports that one effort Jodi is making is to hire a private investigator who will be seeking additional witnesses to testify against a man who is unable to defend himself, the victim in this murder trial.

During the guilt phase of the trial for the murder of Travis Alexander, Jodi Arias claimed that she was a victim of domestic violence and this caused her to snap one night. On that night she snapped, she claims her domestic violence ultimately forced her to kill Travis Alexander three times. Radar Online reports she has hired a private investigator to help her substantiate these claims, and that she will be paying for this investigator from the money she accumulates from selling her jail art online.

It begs the question, are there actually people purchasing Jodi artwork? Perhaps. This is not the only development in this case.

As previously reported by the Toronto Relationships Examiner, first chair for the defense Kirk Nurmi has made another motion to get as far away from Jodi Arias as possible. It is not his first attempt, as Kirk Nurmi has been trying to remove himself from this case, almost since it began. When Jodi asked the courts to be allowed to self-represent, Kirk Nurmi took this as his cue to withdraw.

NBC News reported last week that Jodi Arias appeared before the Maricopa County Superior Courts on Aug. 13 and told the court she would reverse her decision to self-represent, if she was permitted to fire Kirk Nurmi and have him removed from the case. In the first hearing where Jodi Arias defended herself, she also asked the Maricopa County Superior Courts to not only reverse the decision to self-represent, but she also requested another delay in the trial to prepare for her case.

NBC News reported that in her request to delay the inevitable, again, Jodi stated that she was having a difficult time interviewing witnesses. It seems that being in jail poses a little bit of a pickle when it comes to collecting evidence, and interviewing witnesses. This wrinkle is being experienced by Jodi Arias, despite the fact that she has been granted special privileges in the jail such as extended visiting hours and extended privileges on the phone in order to do just that, prepare her case.

Juan Martinez strenuously objected to Jodi creating yet another delay in a case that has taken 6 years to come to sentencing. He argued before the Maricopa County Superior Courts on Wednesday that when Jodi was granted the motion to self-represent, she also agreed to the current timetable where the sentencing trial would begin on Sept. 8.

WTOP News reporting out of Phoenix, Arizona, reported Aug. 15 that Kirk Nurmi's motion to withdraw from the case has been denied. Kirk Nurmi will remain on the case in an advisory role, and this will set the stage for Jodi Arias to represent herself at trial. Jodi Arias will appear again before the Maricopa County Superior Courts on Aug. 22 to argue for yet another delay in the case.

When she asked Judge Sherry Stephens if she could self-represent, the judge made it clear, "There will be no delays." As such, it is unlikely that Jodi will be successful in establishing more delays in this case.

With the alleged new development about the private investigator seeking abuse witnesses against Travis Alexander, it is suspected that allegations of abuse will take center stage at the trial. That is, if these allegations that Jodi is selling artwork to pay for a private investigator to prove she was abused are even true. To many, it sounds like just another famous Jodi Arias lie.

Allegations of abuse by the victim in this case, are not just sickening to the family members and loved ones of Travis Alexander. Jodi Arias claims of abuse by Travis are also claims that real abuse victims find deeply offensive.

A picture of Travis Alexander created by the National Coalition for Men tells a startling tale of who the real abuse victim was in this case. The picture of Travis reads,

"I was shot. I was stabbed 29 times. My throat was cut. I was abandoned. I am the REAL victim of domestic violence. I am Travis Alexander."

Meanwhile, the person alleging abuse has never been found to have a scratch on her, other than minor injuries sustained during the savage and brutal killing.

Which evidence will the jury believe?

Will Jodi be successful in convincing jurors she was abused by Travis Alexander? What do you think?