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Jodi Arias trial date still uncertain

Jodi Arias cries in court.
Jodi Arias cries in court.
Jessica Knight

Jury selection for the retrial of Jodi Arias' penalty phase was supposed to begin on Monday. However, a conflict for prosecutor Juan Martinez has caused this trial to be extended even further. The reason for the delay is worthy, as Mr. Martinez will be prosecuting Bryan Hulsey, who faces murder charges in the 2007 death of Officer Anthony Holly of the Glendale, AZ police department.

However, the delay has made plenty of people antsy, wondering when Jodi Arias will receive her just desserts. In May, she was found guilty of premeditated murder for the June 2008 death of her sometimes boyfriend, Travis Alexander. He was found deceased in the bathroom of his Mesa, AZ home, where he had been stabbed 29 times, been shot in the head, and had his throat slit, nearly decapitating him. Arias tried to claim she wasn't there, but evidence left at the scene proved that to be untrue. She then told a wild tale about masked intruders who murdered her lover right in front of her and let her go off on her merry way, which led to Utah, to visit yet another romantic interest. Her defense at trial was that she killed the Mormon motivational speaker in self-defense, claiming that he had been abusive to her over the duration of their relationship and she feared for her life.

The jury in her original trial was unable to come to a unanimous decision as to what would happen to her. Did her crime make the death penalty appropriate, or is life in prison a better choice? This question remains unanswered, as a new jury is yet to be selected to decide her fate. They will be given a condensed version of the original trial, which lasted nearly 5 months and was plagued with sidebars, recesses, and court black-out days, after which the decision will be in their hands. With all the publicity surrounding the Arias case, one must wonder if it is even possible to find 12 people, plus alternates, who know nothing about the case.

What will be the final decision on the life of Jodi Arias?