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Jodi Arias not guilty? What happens to the Lifetime Movie?

According to, Lifetime television will start filming a made for television movie about the Jodi Arias trial on April 13. The script is already written. There's a decent chance that the jury will not be back before the filming begins. What happens then?

The defense case has not even been completed at this point. Next comes rebuttal evidence. Assuming Jodi is convicted there will be an appeal, and as the Amanda Knox trial has shown, there is no guarantee that a guilty verdict is the end of the story. Or that a reversal of the guilty verdict is the end of the story. The Casey Anthony case showed that even a guilty verdict is guaranteed. There is a very real chance that in light of the lengthy trial, a mistrial or a hung jury is also possible.

If Jodi Arias is found not guilty, and yes that's a big if, she might indeed have a cause of action against Lifetime for defamation. If there is shown to be tampering with evidence or God forbid prosecutorial misconduct, and Lifetime relies on those "facts" to make a film, Jodi can say that her reputation has been harmed. Can she sue the various shows about her if she is acquitted? That would be hard to prove, but if there are shenanigans going on, she might have a case.

I just hope Lifetime waits and lets the jury deliberate. We should fade in before a verdict.

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