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Jodi Arias heads back to court as supporters raise funds on website

Just when the public started to forget about the Jodi Arias murder trial, she is back in the news with her upcoming sentencing hearing. According to a Monday story on, she will appear in an Arizona courtroom for a hearing that relates to the upcoming second phase of sentencing that begins in September. She has already been convicted of the 2008 murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, but the jury was unable to come to agreement on the death penalty.

You thought she was a 'goner,' but Jodi Arias is back!
Digital art by Barbie Crafts

State law allows the prosecution the option to present the case again for the death penalty before an entirely new jury. If this jury does not choose to sentence Arias to death, the Judge will sentence her to life in prison; there is a chance she would be given an opportunity for parole after 25 years. At the 25 year point, the controversial Arias would then be 59 years old.

During the extended televised trial, the often-salacious testimony drew many regular followers. Arias was almost amusing in her efforts to win over the jury and the public with her carefully-cultivated appearance, mannerisms, and answers. It appeared she succeeded, to some degree, when the jury was unable to pull the trigger on the death penalty. It seemed they had been somewhat drawn-in by the attractive young lady who had sat before them for so many days, answering question after question with long, rambling answers.

Supporters of the convicted murderer have set up a website called Jodi Arias Is . On this site, you can listen to excerpts from previous murder trial and get updates on the case. You can even donate to help with Arias' legal expenses through this site.

This was one of the most bizarre televised trials in recent history, and the last court hearing on sentencing included some rather unusual promises by Arias to the jury in exchange for sparing her life. One of her plans was to start a book club in prison! The case promises to provide plenty of additional fodder for Nancy Grace and other legal pundits in the future.

The sad fact is that the whole circus-like atmosphere of the coverage, although including many shocking photos of the crime scene, almost caused the public to forget the raw brutality of the crime. (Of course, Arias claimed to have forgotten almost everything about the case.) The prosecution also had an almost open-and-shut case against Jodi Arias, despite how appealing she presented herself to the public. There was no “shadow of doubt” about guilt or innocence, just whether she deserved to live or die. And, that will be decided within the next several months.

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