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Jodi Arias fan goes on trial for threatening Nancy Grace & Jane Velez-Mitchell

Nancy Grace is a former Atlanta prosecutor, and victims advocate known for her outspoken commentary directed at those accused of violent crimes, and Jane Velez-Mitchell is a veteran TV Journalist that passionately covers the most talked about cases in the news. Both have developed a large fan base for their respective HLN shows, but not everyone is a fan… Especially 48-year-old David Lee Simpson.

HLN's Nancy Grace was outspoken in her opinion that Jodi Arias is guilty of murder.
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Simpson hails from Bath, NY and has landed himself in hot water. He took issue with Grace and Velez-Mitchell’s coverage of the Jodi Arias murder trial and instead of doing what normal folks do when they don’t like a TV show — change the channel… He took a different route… He decided to send them death threats via twitter.

The tweets caught the attention of law enforcement in the state of Arizona, where the accused killer Jodi Arias stood trial, and where Grace and Velez-Mitchell frequently hosted their shows during the duration of the trial. Now Simpson is in that state, in a court of law, standing trial for the threats against the two TV hosts.

The trial is currently underway in Maricopa County, AZ. The same court house where his idol Jodi Arias stood trial for brutally murdering her lover Travis Alexander.

Simpson is a disturbed individual, to say the least. Mediate reports that Simpson was so obsessed with Jodi Arias that he quit his job, and told co workers he was leaving town. He was then picked up by police travelling south. His vehicle was searched and law enforcement found guns, knives, and handcuffs among other items.

Simpson's alleged threats over twitter included tweeting to Grace and Velez-Mitchell that he was going to tie them to a tree naked, leave them alone to suffer over night, and and slit their throat. If that isn't enough, he also claimed he was going to hang them from a tree upside down by their feet, and gut them like a deer.

Unfortunately, when the development of social media individuals like Simpson are given a tool to spew venom. There are people who take their hate out on public figures via their twitter page, and they take it too far. In the past these people would be confined to stew in their own hatred or vent to others around them, but now they use social media as a vehicle to spread it. But now the state of Arizona has arrested him and will make him answer for his actions. Hopefully it will send a message to other lunatics out there.

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