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Jock Samson vows to "End" Barry Hardy

ASWA Saturday Night Slam
ASWA Wrestling

Saturday night February 1, 2014 is arguably one of the biggest shows the Mansfield based ASWA will have in their history.

Jock Samson, The Appalachian Madman, a mid-west based wrestler who is considered one of the meanest, does not give a damn, ass kickers in the area will be challenged by former WWE Superstar Barry Hardy. Hardy challenged Samson after Jock attacked and severely injured a member of the security personnel last summer. Samson had been banned from the ASWA until Hardy appealed to General Manager Johnny Paradise to allow Samson back into the ASWA so he could "teach him a lesson."

"I am going to whip that boy from pillar to post and throw him out of the ring so the lumberjacks can inflict a little justice too," Hardy said speaking about the terms of the match a Lumberjack Strap Match where a number of other wrestlers will be at ringside (the lumberjacks) who will have leather straps to use on anyone who falls outside the ring.

"Jock Samson is going to be at a major disadvantage since his beloved piledriver has been banned," Hardy added.

Samson, who has been challenging for the W.A.R. Wrestling Heavyweight Championship of late, has vowed to not only injure Hardy but end his career.

"The first thing I'm going to do is slap him so damn hard he will think he was back in the WWE," Samson said. "I'll slap him harder than I slap my wife when dinner isn't on the table when I want it to be."

"I am going to beat that boy bloody, so bloody even his momma will not recognize him," Samson added. "And I don't need the piledriver to beat the sh*t out of this Barry Hardy, Mr. Fifteen Minutes in the WWE thinks he's 'superstar.' You ain't sh*t boy and I am going to show you some Appalachian Justice."

Samson continued, "And if that damn Jimmie Lee tries to get too cute with that strap he may wind up on the wrong end of an ugly stick, not that you could tell." "I'll stomp his stupid skull on a stick into pieces and throw them to those Mansfield idiots who don't know a great wrestler when they see him and that is Jock Samson!"

Another former WWE star Thunder Morgan announced that he will retire after his match when he is partnered with Kid Collins and Jimmie Lee to do battle with Random Pain, Jeff Cannon and Nick Brutal with Johnny Paradise in their corner.

"It's bitter sweet but it's time," Morgan said. "I have had a great career looking back, real good times, good friends and great fans and I thank you all."

Other matches on the card include a Universal Heavyweight Championship match between Toby Cline and champion KAOS with Ed Deadly. Rick Baker v. Takahashi, Kenny Hendrix v. Krazy, Izzy Lambert v. Sless Taylor and Bo Dacious v. Nolan Bates round out the card.

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