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Jocelyn Glei interviews on Behance: part two

The interview with 99U director and editor-in-chief Jocelyn Glei continues here from part one.

Scott Belsky of Behance onstage at 99U Conference
Julian Mackler at

Glei discusses Behance, which is the premier online platform for professionals to showcase and discover creative work in multiple industries. 99U serves as "the education arm" of Behance, which was acquired by Adobe in December 2012 and now integrates with Adobe's Creative Cloud.

Glei describes how Behance empowers creative professionals in their careers and unites the creative community:

L.C. How is Behance connecting the creative community and providing opportunities to build collaborative relationships?

J.G. At, the mission is really all about connecting and empowering creative careers.

Right now, we have about over 2 million members on Behance, literally from all over the world. The site gets about 170 million page views per month, which is kind of crazy. I site the numbers because Behance is a place to showcase your creative work, to be discovered, to potentially get hired, to really connect with people, and to get feedback on your work.

The original genesis of Behance was we saw that a lot of people would have their own isolated websites showcasing their work, but probably no one is really going to end up on your website unless they already know you - they're much less likely to discover you.

Part of the original thought behind Behance was what if we took all of these people and all of their work to have a website that was on a certain pulse of what was being created around the world. Then people can go there and then they can actually discover the work of any different type of person, whether it's someone doing amazing motion graphics or doing incredible photography or really amazing UX design.

With showcasing the work, there are also built-in components to help people. The job list and other components help people get hired. We also have some other features. One is called "work in progress," where you can post your creative work that you're in the midst of working on and ask the community for feedback.

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