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Jocelyn Glei interviews on 99U Conference: part five

The interview with 99U director and editor-in-chief Jocelyn Glei continues here from part four.

Scott Belsky onstage at 99U Conference
Scott Belsky onstage at 99U Conference
Julian Mackler at
Jocelyn Glei interviews on 99U Conference
Julian Mackler at

The highly popular 99U Conference, which will be in New York City this May, brings together a collection of the top creative professionals and leading researchers to reveal practical wisdom regarding how to make ideas become reality.

Glei, the curator of the conference, discusses the concepts that will be focused on:

L.C. As 99U continues its mission to empower creatives with educational resources "to make ideas happen," are there any specific aspects of the upcoming annual 99U Conference that you would like to discuss?

J.G. In terms of the conference, we're always about getting into the nitty-gritty of idea execution and helping creatives make ideas happen. One of the things that we're going to zero in on this year at the conference through the lens of idea execution is looking at how we can rethink some core concepts that impact the way we work and the way we build businesses as creatives.

So, it could be a notion of pre-thinking networking. How does networking change now that we live in this world filled with social media and so many communication channels? How do we manage this as people and as brands when we're thinking about our careers and about our businesses? How do we rethink the way we work and the way we find focus when we're sitting in this world that is in the midst of what some people call the age of distraction? So, how do we make sure we're producing incredible creative work when we're working in this environment that is, in many ways, almost working against us. I think it's still unfolding.

I would add that the point of the second book [Maximize Your Potential] is rethinking careers. How do you manage your creative career when we're living in a world where people are switching jobs every four years or more quickly? What does that mean for the way you showcase the work or the way you build your skill set?

So, I think we'll be touching on some of those core concepts of work, building your career, working on a daily level, building businesses, and what it means to innovate - how we can and should be rethinking those concepts as we move forward and the technological landscape shifts.

Announcement of speakers for 99U Conference is coming soon at!