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Jobs: 'We are far, far from healthy labor market conditions' says economist

Americans are still struggling to find work, and the downward "revision" from the Bureau of Labor Statistics June 6, on total non-farm unemployment, might even be seen with some cynicism.

Gleaning information from the latest news, what follows is the rundown on jobs.

The Friday BLS statement reads like this:

"After revision, the change in total nonfarm employment for March remained +203,000, and the change for April was revised from +288,000 to +282,000. With these revisions, employment gains in March and April were 6,000 lower than previously reported."

And the recent report from writer Drew DeSilver, a Senior Writer at the PEWResearchCenter, states this:

"... 65% of people say jobs in their community are difficult to find — down from the record levels seen in early 2010, but far above pre-Great Recession levels. Only 27% say jobs are plentiful."

So when the blog on the BLS jobs numbers, by EconomicPolicyInsitute blogger Dr. Heidi Shierholz, comes out, is anyone shocked?

She wrote this:

"We are far, far from healthy labor market conditions."

As the attached video from the Wall Street Journal interview with Robert Tipp from Prudential brings up, people should not be expecting any "Spring rebound," especially looking at the U-6 rate.

So what might that mean for new graduates or retired people looking for good jobs to pay off debt, or others who are desperate to pick up an extra hours part time job to meet their financial obligations as parents or guardians who don't wish to be living out of their car next month?

Actually, can you find a job if you no longer have a home address, phone, or money for bus fare?

To the many who struggle, here are a few links for help:

Another idea is to make a list of what things you are able to do. Are you creative? Artistic? Engineering ideas?Take the time that you have now and use it for a business idea. People sometimes look for ideas to turn into business startups.

It may also be beneficial to just talk to others in the same or similar situation. Encourage one another to keep trying.

Don't give up, tomorrow is a new day and one that might bring a change in circumstances.

Best wishes for new opportunities.

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