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Jobs on the rise in Georgia: Atlanta job growth largest in years

Job boom in Georgia:  More than 50,000 jobs expected to be filled within the next year across the state of Georgia.
Job boom in Georgia: More than 50,000 jobs expected to be filled within the next year across the state of Georgia.

An increase in jobs across any sector is always a great sign and Atlanta, Georgia will be reaping the benefits of an increase in local companies moving or expanding to the Atlanta area. Atlanta is currently one of the top areas in the country for the technology industry and this growth is expected to continue.

According to a 11 Alive news report published on Aug. 29, the Atlanta area is expecting its largest jobs growth in years and this is due largely to the booming technology sector. The report also states that there are more than 3,000 unfilled technology jobs across the state of Georgia. Companies are hiring outside the state due to a lack of qualified applicants from Georgia.

What types of jobs are these companies looking to fill? Coding and programming applicants are in high demand. With Forbes placing Atlanta, Georgia at 14 for ‘Best Places for Business and Careers,’ a ripple effect will create many other types of jobs that will be available within the next year.

Forbes also explains that Atlanta is home to several large corporations with world headquarters like Delta Airlines, Home Depot, and UPS to name a few. With the expansion of so many businesses, the building and construction industry will and is already benefiting from this rise in available jobs.

Atlanta is not the only area in Georgia that is witnessing a job boom. According to a Atlanta Business Chronicle news report published on Aug. 29, Augusta will reap the benefits of the U.S. Army’s ‘Cyber Command Headquarters’ at Fort Gordon. This area of Georgia is expecting 20,000 new jobs from this move alone.

If you are looking for work, check out the Georgia Department of Labor website for more information on jobs and which occupations have the most potential. This is an amazing site and their website not only lists thousands of jobs throughout Georgia and the Atlanta area but also lists many guides to aid you in your job search.

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