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JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! at IKEA Centennial (Denver)

IKEA Centennial (Denver) as seen from space!
IKEA Centennial (Denver) as seen from space!
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The following jobs at IKEA Centennial (Denver) were just posted! IKEA plans to hire 400+ co-workers for the Fall 2011 opening.

Click here to search for the posting on the IKEA job search page and apply NOW!

1. AS IS Department Coworker (112711BR)
2. Warehousing (112334BR)
3. Cashier (112707BR)
4. Childrens Play Area/Greeter (112705BR)
5. Customer Service (112351BR)
6. Self Serve Warehouse (112703BR)
7. Home Furnishing Sales (112348BR)
8. Food Service Co-Workers (112345BR)
9. Certified Kitchen Seller (Planner) (112340BR)
10. Receptionist (Loss Prevention Department) (112701BR)
11. Loss Prevention Coworker (112339BR)
12. Visual Merchandising Co-worker (112337BR)
13. Graphic Communication Co-worker (112336BR)
14. Maintenance Co-Worker (112335BR)
15. Sales and Supply Support Co-worker (112690BR)
16. Carpenter (112343BR)
17. Dishwasher (112353BR)

Good luck!!!