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Jobs in Houston right now!


Giving up will NOT get you a job
I read an article in a local paper this week that explained the National Unemployment number remained at 10%, but more importantly, job searchers are giving up hope. They have just stopped trying because jobs are not available.
THAT IS POOP! Don’t you EVER give up!! And, there ARE jobs available. They might not be a perfect fit for your background, your education, or your dreams…but they are jobs. You have to apply, network, and go GET them., advanced search with the cities being Houston, The Woodlands, and Spring and any FULL-TIME job within 50 miles. The following results came up:
4,115 jobs that paid between $0.00 and $120,000.00 per year.
Category      Number of current jobs available
Sales                                       1250
Management                         1044
Health Care                           1042
“Other”                                  543
General Business                 505
Accounting                           482
Customer Service                 471
Finance                                  440
Business Development       439
Nurse                                     413
Education                              355
Engineering                           355
Info. Technology                 334
Admin-clerical                      294
Professional Serv                 290
Retail                                      254
Skilled Labor                         235
Entry level                             228
And MANY more!
City                        Number of current jobs available
Houston                                                2575
Galveston                              239
The Woodlands                   77
Sugar Land                            63
Pasadena                               60
Conroe                                   53
Spring                                    50
Webster                                 39
League City                           38
Baytown                                33
Katy                                       31
College Station                     30
Humble                                  27
Tomball                                  25
Pearland                                 23
Bellaire                                   22
Bryan                                     21
And many more!
WHO is hiring? UTMB, Online Ordering LLC, Memorial Hermann, Work at Home Moms, Robert Half Finance, United Career Services, U.S. Army, Sava Senior Care, SunGard, Burnett Staffing, Lead Click Inc.,, TPS.Inc, Work From Home Stories, Work From Home Systems, US Oncology, Galleria Marketing, CHRISTUS Health, US Medical Assistant, Woodforest Bank, Automated Jobs LLC, Central Payment, UnitedHealth Group, Devereux Foundation, University of Texas MD, Pinnacle Technical, Robert Half Technology…and MANY more!!
My advice to you today: STOP reading the negative news!! When you’re reading about the Economy crisis, Hollywood starlet drug addictions, Wars, Viruses, and Congressional Disasters…you aren’t focused on THE PRIZE: Getting Houston Employed!
Don’t you EVER give up!! There ARE jobs available. They might not be a perfect fit for your background, your education, or your dreams…but they are jobs. You have to apply, network, and go GET them.
 Cold today...but HIRING!
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  • Lea-Ann 5 years ago

    James - "You come to our rescue, again!" Thanks.

  • Charles 5 years ago

    I think the biggest hassle now is training for those jobs. There are too many people thinking that they will find something in the same field they just got laid off in, instead of training for a new career. Houston schools should be packed to the brim: colleges, universities, vocational, etc.
    People should DO something with their "down time" in between searching!

  • Sam 5 years ago

    When you see the breakdown of these numbers, it makes me think people aren't trying hard enough. The same is probably true for most cities in the U.S.: the jobs really ARE there...people have just stopped looking.

  • Inga 5 years ago

    I am new here, in Houston, but I realize many things since I move from Europe on 2008, and I can tell,- I gave up! It is impossible to get a job here. And those numbers of jobs available- who knows what is behind them? Recruiters do not answer on emails... there is NEVER any response from employers. It is a stress to call to recruiters, because in reality my calls irritates calls are not welcome...

  • Elizabeth 5 years ago

    James, this is false hope. There is a percent of these that are "scams" from recruiting companies that want your entry fee, but can't actually find you a job. There is also a larger percent that require more education than most applicants do not have, i.e. Nursing, Teaching, Engineering, etc.

    I agree with Inga. Until we get the current administration out of office, we are going to be faced with very high unemployment rates, declining business, higher taxes and a soon-to-be Healthcare program that will cause revolution.

    Elizabeth Marie - Fort Bend Conservative Examiner

  • Tomas 5 years ago

    There are still a lot of jobs in San Antonio too...

  • Glenn 5 years ago

    I enjoyed and agreed with your article. I'm attempting a career change at age 55, and the field I'm interested in (CAD Drafter), it's hard to find entry level work. So, I'm looking for work in my previous career (sales) until job market improves. There are sales jobs out there, just have to be persistent. I may have to take a job I'm not thrilled about just to have a paycheck. It's all about holding on until things get better, and you HAVE TO BELIEVE that things WILL get better!

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