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Jobs are coming back, but many are low paid

More and more people are going back to work. But many of the jobs that are available are lower paid and don't offer as much advancement opportunity.

The recession and the slow recovery made it hard for many people to go back to work. "I looked for a long time for a job and I finally found an opportunity to a grocery store. But the job is not what I wanted. I was hoping for a management level position but I all I found was stock position," said Jason Avery.

Many of the jobs that are open are in retail and these jobs tend not to pay as much. "I worked in a manufacturing and the jobs in factories tend to pay better than service jobs. I just wish I could get back into manufacturing," said Mason McDonnell.

Others are finding that service oriented jobs can lead to better pay in the future. "I started as a fast food worker and now I am manager at my restaurant. The work is hard but I am making money," said Susan Kravis.

Brandy Millington started as a server at a mid priced restaurant. He worked hard and eventually because a head waiter. Now he is an assistant manager and loves the opportunity to develop a restaurant product. "I am glad I have a good job. It feels good to be working and making money," said Millington.

Others are going back to school. "I will be starting a graduate program in the fall. I believe that with more education, I will have a better chance," said Randall Stevens.

And on July 7, there will be a job fair in Pompano Beach for people who want to apply for one of the 60 bus driving positions that are available with the Broward County School District. The job fair will take place at the E. Pat Larkins Center from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. To be considered, one must have a clean driving record. Those who are selected will receive free training and a job with health benefits.

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