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Job skills in 2020

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In an age where technology rules industry and economy, the drivers of change are different than ever before. Today, people are living longer than any other time in history, tech can be augmented to extend human capability and the world has become a programmable system. Longevity, smart machines and systems, new media ecology, super structured organizations and connectivity are the new drivers of change.

How do you use these to your advantage -- you develop your skill set to prosper in this new environment.

Some of the skills to adopt include the ability to determine a deeper meaning of what is being expressed, the ability to connect with others in a direct way, the ability to come up with solutions and responses beyond that which is rule-based, cross-cultural competency, computational thinking, new media literacy, virtual collaboration and cognitive load management.

These skills, if in your wheelhouse, have the potential to keep you relevant and strong while the world continues to grow and change. Check out this infographic for more.