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Job seeking lessons from Tim Tebow

Job Seeking Tips
Job Seeking Tips

No matter how you feel about Tim Tebow, it's impossible not to give him credit for being one of the most committed competitors in the game today. There are a lot of lessons we can take from Tim Tebow and apply them to looking for a job.

1.) Commitment. Every ounce of preparation and training is displayed in his commitment to winning. He realizes that he won’t be successful every play, but with sheer determination, and regularly modifying his approach to the situation, his commitment allows him to influence and inspire his team to victory

LESSON: Commitment is nonnegotiable. You can think and dream about a goal, or you can commit to achieving it. With commitment comes a determination and a confidence that nothing will stop you from achieving your goal.

2.) Focus. Imagine being the topic of a nation-wide conversation that is repeated regularly by the so called 'professional analysts' that Tim Tebow is not supposed to win football games. Heck, most think he’s not even supposed to be playing professional football. But his intense focus to do what it requires to win simply does not let distractions like this influence his confidence and his performance on the field.

LESSON: As a job seeker, stay focused on your skills and abilities. Don’t let what others say (or what you think they believe) about you distract you from the task at hand. Remain committed and focused on what YOU know to be true.

3.) Integrity and values matters. So much of what makes Tim Tebow a polarizing figure is that he is not afraid to publicly share his values and beliefs with the rest of the world. Now, admittedly, his proselytizing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a good reminder in a world of constant misdeeds by celebrities, high-profile bankers, politicians and athletes, that true success in life is not necessarily tied to gold necklaces, paychecks or fast cars, but in fact is more apparent when it is tied to your integrity, ethics and values.

LESSON: Your integrity, ethics and values matter and are important parts of your job search. Make sure that the companies you are applying to reflect your values and don’t be afraid to demonstrate and discuss the importance of integrity and ethics with your future employer.

4.) Faith and confidence. Let’s admit it. No matter how bad things look, no matter how few points and how few minutes are left on the score board, there’s never a sense of giving up with Tim Tebow. His faith and confidence in himself and in his team inspires the fans to believe that the impossible is possible; the team will find a way to win the game.

LESSON: Never give up. Even when you’ve had a bad week, the responses to your resumes have been slow, your interview went poorly and you are feeling like your job search is IMPOSSIBLE, keep moving forward and re-ignite faith in yourself, your abilities, strengths, experiences and skills. It is amazing what can happen when you simply shake off the frustration and anxiety and refocus and recommit to your goal.

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