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Job seekers, what did you learn from Celebrity Apprentice last night?

Get hired, not fired. Proofread your resume, cover letters, online profiles, and more
Get hired, not fired. Proofread your resume, cover letters, online profiles, and more

Have you ever been embarrassed by a mistake on your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or PowerPoint presentation? Well, it looks like you’re in the company of celebrities. The task on last night’s Celebrity Apprentice seemed simple enough on the surface: create a two-page advertorial for the high-end skin care line created by Donald Trump’s wife, Melania.

The spreads presented by the teams were very visual—large, impactful photos and very few words. So how tough could it be to spell those few words correctly? Very, if you’re only glancing at them. One team had Melanie’s name appear once on each of their two pages: one spelled correctly, the other spelled “Milania.” That one, little letter carried more overall impact than the otherwise attractive layout. It lost the task for Team Power and Dennis Rodman was sent packing.

With hundreds of applicants for every available job these days, do you think a single hiring manager will overlook a “tiny, little, one-letter typo” on your resume or cover letter? If you think it’s no big deal, think again…and take an extra two minutes to re-read (and then re-read again) every resume, every cover letter, every online profile, every follow-up letter or email you write. Take an extra-close look at the spelling of company names and names of products, systems, and people mentioned. Take an extra minute to research online to be sure you’ve got it right before anyone else sees it.

Your reputation—your personal brand—is at stake and so are your job prospects. Even if you don’t expect to be writing anything in your new job position, typos on critical correspondence demonstrate a lack of detail and professionalism, and a basic laziness. No employer on Earth is searching for those qualities in their new hires. Don't be a celebrity…be better than a celebrity. Proofread!


About this Examiner: Kathryn Marion is the award-winning author of GRADS: TAKE CHARGE of Your First Year After College!, the most comprehensive resource for navigating the world of work and independent living after graduation, as well as host of the book’s companion resource site, The print edition of GRADS: TAKE CHARGE is available through Amazon and other online booksellers. The e-book edition is available through e-junkie.

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