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Job Seekers - Need help with your job search?

I will not bore you with specific research details and statistics, as we are all too well aware of our current job market situation, and the fact that we are living in an ‘employer's market’ globally.

However, as we slowly move along our long road to recovery, we are beginning to see more jobs becoming available on a weekly basis, which is terrific news; however, it also puts far more pressure on the Human Resource recruiters within our firms, as well as those seeking employment.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you have something different to offer your prospective employer, as they are receiving a minimum of 400 resumes per week – and that is just the ‘hard’ copy submissions. There are also large numbers of email and telephone inquiries to review and respond to in relation to each job posting.

Is your resume complete and up-to-date? Does it speak to your specific area of expertise, career goals, objectives, and the challenges and accomplishments you have previously achieved?

Have you prepared your ‘Capsule Profile?’ Are you aware of the power of this tool, and how to prepare effective copy? Would you like some advice and assistance?

If you feel you need help, and wish to stand out from the crowd, please contact me directly via email through, and we can discuss how we can best approach the content and design of your resume and attending cover letter for your job search marketing campaign.

I will work quickly and efficiently to get your final documents to you based on the original content of your resume submission and number or respondents – first come, first served. Your information is safe and I will NOT share or distribute to anyone for ANY reason.

I look forward to working with you, and can assure you this service is strictly confidential, and I am qualified and sincere in my offer to assist you in landing your next job. My flat fee is very reasonable, and I will be happy to discuss payment with you. Let’s work together to make a great impression, and land those all-important interviews!


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