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Job seekers in Arizona use Workforce

It's a harsh reality to many Arizonans: the unemployment rate has risen to over 9% once again.  The good news is, there are programs available to help the unemployed find work.  One of these is the Arizona Workforce Connection.

The Arizona Workforce Connection is a no-cost website that helps find new careers, jobs, and education for those seeking help.  The company also helps create resumes, plan a budget, help find benefits, and many other services. 

Here is a list of  things they provide:

  • Access to computers, email, printers, and fax machines
  • Help with resumes
  • Tips for interviewing and/or jobseeking
  • Information on skill training
  • Information on job positions or occupations available
  • Job seeking resources and networking groups

The Arizona Workforce Connection can be found online or in the West Valley at 1840 N 95th Ave  Suite 160.  Their phone number is 602-372-4200.  There is a second location at 3406 N 51st Ave  and the phone number is 623-247-3304. 


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