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Job Search Tips to Start the New Year

The interview is where you can sell yourself
The interview is where you can sell yourself
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We’re almost a month into 2014 but it does not mean that if you want to change your job searching strategy is a bit too late. In fact, it’s never too late to get the job you’ve always wanted and start living your dream. These are a few job search tips that can help you start the New Year with success.

Improve your Resume
The year has changed, the job search market has changed a bit, which means that it’s time to change your resume for the better. In fact you need to improve it. It would be such a pity that an outdated resume keeps you from getting the job that you need. Read about the latest resume writing tips and integrate them 2014 is the year of technological progress and innovation, which means that you need to be up to date with the trends in job searching. Have you heard about the video resume? It’s the latest trend in this domain. Basically, making a short video where you can present yourself, your background, experience and aspirations will add that much to the classic resume that everybody has. Be among the first people to send video resumes and show how much they love novelty and can adapt to it. This says a lot about you as individual, and will surprise everybody!

Get to Know Yourself Better
This is something that nobody tells you, but I, as a career coach feel the need to tell the world that what you will get in your life, depends on what you think that you deserve. The more, the less you believe you deserve depends on how much you truly know yourself. As I’ve said, 2014 is the year of technology progress but it’s also the year of personal growth of spiritual evolution. Get to truly know yourself and find out what you really want in life. It could be that the bad luck you’ve had so far with getting a job is due to the fact that that’s not really what you want to do in life.
If this is the case, you need to uncover who you truly are, what really makes you happy, what kind of accomplishments fulfill yourself. When you know this, you’ll have no problems whatsoever in finding the right job for you.
Keep in mind two things. 2014 is all about technological progress and spiritual evolution. When you manage to cover these aspects you’ll get the job that you want, not just any job.

Happy Job Searching!

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