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Job search tips for the holidays

Contrary to popular belief, there ARE things you can do during the holiday season to move your job search forward.

  1. Perfect your look.  This is a great time to get a professional haircut, but an interview suit and have business cards printed.  These are also great gift suggestions.  

  2. Never miss a party.  Attend as many holiday functions as you can to let everyone you know help you find a job.  People love to talk about themselves and love to give advice... especially to the soon to be college grad.

  3. Use your winter break from school to do one or two externships.  An "externship" is when you spend a day shadowing someone around while they are on the job to see if that type of job appeals to you.

  4. Ask people you know who recently got a job how they got it and what advice do they have for you.

  5. Establish your New Year's resolution: create a written job search plan and commit to doing at least one activity each day that will move your job search forward.  
  6. Finally, try to relax and enjoy the holidays.  It's important that you appear upbeat and enthusiastic to everyone you come into contact with.  You never know when a job opportunity will present itself.