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Job Search - Make the most of Visual Aids (Part 2 of 2)

I recommend that the video be a minimum of four minutes, and a maximum of seven minutes long, providing your viewers with the subsequent information:

  • A straightforward introduction of purpose, name and location;
  • A summary of your skilled background;
  • Your achievements - offer examples;
  • The position that you are seeking - if embarking on a 'career change,' emphasize your knowledge and interest in the industry you are pursuing;
  • Additional personal attributes you will offer your prospective employer; such as decisive, proactive, team player, motivated, results and goal oriented, etc.; and
  • Close with a Thank You for viewing, and asking prospective employers to contact you.

With respect to your on-line career blog, if the thought of creating your own site is daunting to you, you may use a website designed specifically for your Professional Portfolio, such as About.Me, and Brand Yourself, to name just two of several. These sites are user-friendly and extremely helpful tools for job seekers to use for selling themselves, and growing their professional networks.

Each of the portfolio sites I have mentioned can provide you with something a little different; however, the purpose is the same. You will want to look at different member profiles, to encourage a sense of what you will be able to do, and learn the most effective way to display your information.

Viewers of your About.Me and Brand Yourself profiles can see your ‘welcome’/cover letter, general career objectives, industries of interest, your resume (you can link to your LinkedIn Profile) and your picture, if you would like to show it.

While not as powerful as having your own career blog, these kinds of sites are a good place to start your on-line job search campaign, or spruce your current one up a bit!

To Your Success!

Your Proactive Business Assistant


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