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Job search during the holidays - absolutely!

To your success!
To your success!

Thinking about waiting until the holidays are over to start your job search, think again! Schools may be out, but businesses, even those with shortened hours are open and still trying to make the best of a tough year. The bills will start coming in soon, so even though these are days filled with other distractions and responsibilities - now is not the time to end your job search. Rather, since many others looking for work will suspend their job search it means less competition for those scarce jobs. The more effort you spend now the better off you’ll be. Here are a few ideas to help during the holidays. If you have not yet registered with employment agencies now is the time. Check online or phone books to identify agencies that specialize in placing workers with your specific skills or background. While businesses may not
completely shut down during the holidays many employees take time off for vacation. Many businesses plan to hire temporary employees to fill in and perform seasonal work during the time regular employees are out. One significant reason is because temporary workers are typically not paid as well as employees or given full time hours. Many people are under the misconception that their job search should begin after the holidays - remember that means less competition for you. The applicant pool is also
less populated during the holidays because many job seekers are waiting until after the first of the year to get started or resume their activity. You won't lose momentum because you know that companies hire during the holidays perhaps differently, but they still need to fill positions just like during the rest of the year.
Temporary agencies are often contacted with job orders and called on to help fill vacancies and short term openings. These temporary jobs can become full time positions as you have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and abilities “on the job” and in the presence of a potential hiring manager or someone that may recommend you for hire. Also by registering with temporary agencies they will have a copy of your resume if something permanent becomes available. Often companies calculate their labor costs and budgets during third or fourth quarter, and for some reporting purposes and forecasts it are to their advantage to hire people before the New Year starts. Now is also the time to research companies and identify potential employers, sending out your resume and cover letter for follow-up after the holidays. Perhaps one of the most useful activities of the holiday season are the holiday parties and social gatherings. Think of this as an opportunity to share the word that you are available and actively involved in your job search. Engage people in conversations about the field that they're in and the company that they work for. Ask if they are aware of vacancies or open positions. And if there is potential matches with your background ask for the appropriate person you should contact. Also, ask if they would give you permission to use their name as a referral. Don’t overlook these situations, but keep it brief, conversational and friendly. Remember you’re asking for their help and you want to leave them with a positive impression.  Click the "Subscribe" link above to receive a notice of the latest article from Terry or to chat live: click here