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Job opportunties in Pompano Beach

People who want to work may want to visit the Pompano Beach Business Resource Center.

This facility, which is part of a larger effort to redevelopment and improve the City of Pompano Beach is involved in helping people find work and helping employers find qualified and good employees. Susan Kores, program director is pleased with the success of the program. She said there are more than 20 jobs available at the Center and that more jobs are likely to be offered in the near future. In the past year more than 120 people have been placed in jobs through the Center and Kores expects this number to increase in coming years.

"We help people prepare for job interviews. We help them write resumes and cover letters and apply for jobs. We help them prepare for interviews. We also help them to determine which jobs they are most qualified for," said Kores.

"Our goal is to help place well qualified local people with Pompano Beach businesses," said Kores.

Also, the Business Center works to help employers determine what they are looking for in people who might want to work for them. Kores has found that some business owners really are not sure what they are looking for in the people they are considering hiring.

We have workshops to help people get ready for jobs and to also help businesses determine their personnel needs," said Kores.

Also, the Pompano Beach Business Resource Center helps small businesses obtain support and business loans. It also puts on events and seminars to help the businesses, some of which are small and only involve one or two people how to be successful, according to Kores.

And the Business Resource Center will host a job fair on July 7 for people who want jobs as bus drivers. The Broward County School District is looking for 60 bus drivers and will work with the Business Resource Center to hold a job fair for those who might want bus driver jobs. The event will take place from 3 to 6 p.m. at the E. Pat Larkins Center. Those selected with receive free training, a good salary and health benefits, according to Kores.

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